Dealmakers Australia (NSW)

by 18th of January, 2012

Dealmakers Australia are Sydney based business brokers acting on behalf of clients seeking to sell their businesses. The focus of our activities is on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) ranging up to a market value of $10 million.Our market covers all industries and sectors. We sell company divisions, subsidiaries, family owned companies, sole trader businesses and franchises. Geographically we concentrate on selling businesses in Sydney and New South Wales Australia. Our website covers businesses for sale online but excludes some significant medium enterprises.
Marketing and sales are handled by Licensed Business Agents with extensive experience and expertise in negotiation, thereby maximizing transaction value for clients in the prevailing market place. Sales are run on a project basis with the agent controlling each step of the process and thereby facilitating and effecting as smooth a transition as possible from vendor to purchaser.
Purchasers are assisted with patience and perseverance in finding a business to suit their needs. This process takes a fair amount of time. After matching a qualified buyer with a business we work assiduously applying 100% effort to make a deal.

So whether you are a vendor or purchaser, please contact us as we are in the business of selling businesses and we can help you realize your ambitions!


Dealmakers Australia

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Lindfield , NSW , 2070

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