Passionate About The Florist Industry?

by 13th of June, 2011

People looking to buy a florist for sale may be doing so for a number of reasons. Perhaps they see a calm and peaceful business environment to work in, they're a plant enthusiast, they like to make people smile with gifts, the hours are appealing, they envision making money or perhaps they just like pretty things!

Florists for sale are often seen as a charming business idea. They provide flowers for weddings, birthday, as gifts of thanks, get well wishes, in remembrance, good luck and for many other occasions. They are the gift that makes people smile.

The florist business is very seasonal and depends on many holidays and there is the expectation for certain flowers to be in the store at specific times of the year. On Valentines Day roses are in order, Mothers day is chrysanthemums and for Christmas it’s the Christmas bush.

Customers have expectations of what flowers should be in stock. To be a successful florist you need to have good contact with the growers or markets to meet clients demands. You will also need a good team of temporary staff to help with the busy seasons, as it can get quiet hectic at certain times of the year and be quiet at other times.

To work in a florist it is very important to be creative, to have displays that make you ‘stand out’ from other florists in the area. Do you offer something different? Will you create a bunch quickly? Do you have interesting flowers not in season (e.g. from another state or grower)? Do you have other gifts (e.g. teddy bears, chocolates, candles) that can be added to create a package? Do you do deliveries? Do you have a trendy and inviting storefront?

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There are a number of businesses on the market that can also help coordinate deliveries of flowers, or set you up as part of their recommended florist. Its just a matter of coordinating and working out your costs.


Florists can work long hours, be up early in the morning at the market, making deliveries, coordinating bridal bouquets, designing funeral arrangements and marketing their products. It is an industry where you need to be passionate about plants to make sure they are fresh and healthy (no one wants wilting flowers!) and have a bubbly personality to make people smile. People will always be looking for a gift to give, and it could be one from your business! Have a look at all the current florists for sale. If you are looking to sell a florist, we can help with that also.

Have you ever owned a florist?

What did you enjoy the most? How did you overcome any obstacles, such as always having fresh flowers in stock?

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