Richard Jacobs

Business Broker in Auckland, NZ

Richard has had an extensive career in the private sector working in General Management, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Delivery, Finance and just about every other aspect of business.

As an award-winning salesperson and negotiator, selling high end business software he has been exposed to literally thousands of businesses including manufacturing, distribution, supply-chain, logistics, retail, wholesale, and services industries.

During his career he specialised in helping organisations resolve real business issues by evolving their culture, processes, human resources, and technology to support continuity, planning and growth.

Richard has real world business ownership skills having used his diverse experience to procure, re-engineer and subsequently sell his own successful mobile home business and currently lends support to his wife’s successful jewellery business.

Richard is also rather unique as a Business Broker in that he is also a Certified Business Advisor with the Internationally recognised Australian Institute of Business Advisors.

As a certified business advisor, along with his unique experience and insight into many industries, he is well placed to assist you with not only appraising your business for immediate sale but also assessing the business readiness for sale in the future.

Richard's philosophy is simple, it is not about collecting sales awards it’s about, satisfied clients, Richard will appraise your business and if it’s not ready for sale he will not only let you know but also help you address any issues to make it sale ready.

Richard is straight up, will tell you the way it is, black and white, with complete transparency and openness.

When not helping his clients, he supports community-based initiatives that help the needy, goes cruising (mostly fixing) his classic Jaguar convertible or tries to be a great fisherman out on the Auckland harbour.

Published Articles

Top 9 Considerations Before You Buy a Business

Top 9 Considerations Before You Buy a Business

Richard Jacobs28 November 2023

So you’re considering the exciting journey of becoming a business owner through acquisition. It is a significant step, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time buyer. This endeavour can be highly rewarding, but it also comes with its own set... Read More » 5 min read

What It Took Me to Succeed As A Top Business Broker

What It Took Me to Succeed As A Top Business Broker

Richard Jacobs3 October 2023

Introduction The role of a Business Broker is captivating and ever evolving, encompassing the facilitation of business sales across various industries. To become a top Business Broker, a unique blend of skills, experience, intuition, and responsibilities is... Read More » 4 min read

Mastering the Art of Business Acquisition Negotiations: Strategies for a Successful Outcome

Mastering the Art of Business Acquisition Negotiations: Stra...

Richard Jacobs7 August 2023

Buying a business is a significant transaction and both parties need to consider several factors in the negotiation. Understanding the other party’s success factors is critical to the best outcome.   A Delicate & Emotional Process Establishing a p... Read More » 5 min read

Warning: The Profit and Loss Statement Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story!

Warning: The Profit and Loss Statement Doesn’t Tell the Whole...

Richard Jacobs22 May 2023

A financial report that shows a business’s revenues, expenses, and profit or loss over a specific period is called a Profit and Loss Statement, otherwise known as an Income Statement. While the Profit and Loss Statement does provide important information... Read More » 3 min read

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