Roger Zhao

Benchmark Business Sales and Valuations

Roger is a friendly and enthusiastic business broker. Through the years, he has cherished the moments which have allowed him to share his knowledge and experiences with his clients. He always looks for deals that are win-win scenarios and thinks of himself more as an assistant than a broker.

Roger first stepped foot in Australia in 1989, during a time of political turmoil in China. He left his family and a career in academia and arrived at Sydney Airport with “no friends, no money and no English.”

He is grateful for the lessons he has learnt during his time in his “second home”, Australia. The first few years in Australia were tough. Roger worked his way through various employment stints, before beginning his career as a business broker. Through overcoming the various cultural and linguistic barriers that come with migration, he came to understand the value of hard work and the unique perspectives of small business owners. His philosophy is “to be fair; to give rather than receive in service”.

Roger first began his career as a real estate agent in 2002, before switching to business broking in 2005. In 2009, Roger established his own business agency. During his career, he has gained rich and varied experiences with a wide array of businesses: From lotto stores, dry cleaning, coin laundries, Asian groceries, convenience stores, gift shops, florists, bottle shops to various hospitality businesses. In more recent years, Roger has shifted his attention upstream to businesses such as accounting firms, wholesale distributors and import and export businesses.

He understands that clients value a business broker’s ability to problem solve. Therefore, he has committed himself to an endeavour of life-long learning.

Roger feels lucky to be able to live in Australia. He takes every day as an opportunity to improve his English. He is extremely proud of his improvement and hopes to be able to leverage this by serving his clients in both English and Mandarin. His attitude towards these goals is to “never give it up”. He applies this not only to language but to business transactions as well.

Roger lives in Melbourne with his wife and two kids. In his spare time, Roger enjoys a simple life. His hobbies include the gym, practicing Tai Chi and swimming. He also loves to travel and read.

Benchmark Business Sales. 

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