Steven Mostafa & Nadia Polzella

Team Steven and Nadia have been multi-award-winning business brokers in LINK Australia’s Corporate Division for the last several years since both starting in 2015, previously specialising in the purchase and sale of businesses valued between $1 million - $10 million. Steven and Nadia have now progressed dramatically with their focus moving towards LINK Tier One Businesses and now focusing on large merger & acquisition deals with previously transacting a business at $31,000,000 in the Import Export space, as well as an $18,000,000 deal in the Construction sector. Since teaming up, these two young professionals have quickly developed a reputation as the “Dynamic Duo of Business Sales” and have been unstoppable in making even the most impossible sales possible! Their focus is currently $2,000,000 - $100,000,000 deal sizes Australia-wide.

Published Articles

Forecasting Future Financial Outcomes Through Analysis of Historical Data

Forecasting Future Financial Outcomes Through Analysis of...

Steven Mostafa & Nadia Polzella23 May 2023

Forecasting future financial outcomes is an essential aspect of business decision-making. A business owner can identify potential risks and opportunities that can guide decision-making and help mitigate or capitalize on them by analysing past trends and patterns.... Read More » 2 min read

We Sold 15+ Businesses in FY 2022. Here is What We Found.

We Sold 15+ Businesses in FY 2022. Here is What We Found.

Steven Mostafa & Nadia Polzella31 January 2023

For over two years, the Australian economy has faced uncertainty and market volatility as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. While market shifts, particularly those observed during the pandemic, can induce fear and worry among brokers... Read More » 5 min read

Strategic Acquisitions: Grow Your Business

Strategic Acquisitions: Grow Your Business

Steven Mostafa & Nadia Polzella5 December 2022

Growing a business is a challenging feat reserved only for the most driven owners. You may be contemplating solid plans and strategies for increasing your catchment area, revenue potential and the corresponding changes in staff size, as well as relocating to... Read More » 3 min read

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