Little Green Truck

Little Green Truck


Low Investment Cost

Little Green Truck has licensed area opportunities available throughout Australia. As a licensee you will enjoy the benefits of 24/7 Call Centre and Google advertising support. You can join Australia's fastest growing business network from just  $36,900.

An Exclusive Territory that You Own

When you buy a Little Green Truck business, we invest back into your area. Our proven system includes the setup of your Website, Facebook Page, Google My Business Listing. Included will be the branding of your vehicle, uniforms and 12 months supply of physical marketing materials such as flyers and business cards. 

Not a Franchise – More money in your pocket

Some franchise models can leave the owner in a difficult position between meeting franchise obligations and producing a profit. Little Green Truck has resolved this with a small weekly royalty fee of $125. That’s it! We don’t need to see your books, we don’t ask for a share of revenue. How much you make is up to you!

24 Hour Call Centre Support

Our 1800 number is ready to take calls for your business and send the customer details directly to you. We will take care of discovering all of the details. We then pass this information on to you, so that you can supply your own quote for the job. We don’t tell you what to charge the customer. How much you make is up to you!

Paid Advertising in your Local Area

Our proven marketing strategies provide a steady stream of potential customers to our owner operators. After 10 years marketing the business. It’s safe to say, we are the experts! From the very start, we setup a paid marketing strategy in Google & Facebook, targetted directly to your local area. The enquiries go straight to you!

Retail Partnerships

After a long time in business, the Little Green Truck name is well known among Australia’s leading retailers. Our call centre team will phone ahead, to let the retailers know you are ready for business. Simply pop in with a flyer and a business card, introduce yourself and gain a steady flow of consistent jobs you can rely on each week. 

All you need is a Truck! We do the rest

When you partner with Little Green Truck, our job is to make yours easier. We take care of all the Marketing and advertising, saving you time and money! All you need to do is get a suitable truck, we will get it branded. Now jump in the drivers seat and get the wheels rolling! Enquire now, your local area may be for sale!