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Confectionery Manufacturer

High end high volume confectionery manufacturer
manufacturing under its own brand names nationally to main supermarkets, Airport and all other grocery and specialty stores.

For investor or current market leader
A manufacturer of higher end confectionery products started in a garage 17 years ago now occupying over 2400SQM producing its own branded products since its beginning.
The products are all proprietary owned under various brands most of which are sold nationally.
Sales outlets
Its main lines are sold seasonally through all major supermarkets with strong sales and history. Besides the supermarkets the products are represented by distributors all over Australia.
Prior to Covid the products were sold through all airports around the country thankfully they are now resuming business and our range will be up and selling again within the next eight weeks
Prior to Covid we were exporting to the US and the UK. These sales ceased and we are working through the logistical issues to do with freight pricing in order to get them up and going again.
Tourist facility
In 2018 the company invested in a 200sqm retail shop plus a café for up to 86 guests and fun activities for children and adults by adding a tourist attraction to the site.

In 2019 it recruited the services the renowned Australian attractions Pty Ltd who specialize in inbound tourism and represent blue ribbon clients such as Australian National Maritime Museum, Royal Agricultural Society — Sydney Royal Easter Show, Barangaroo, Sydney Zoo, Bridge Climb — Sydney Harbour Bridge and many others. As the business started to get traction Covid hit.
Despite the setback the Tourist facility gained strong recognition from the media and was featured in various television shows such as Sydney weekender, Destination NSW channel 7, Channel 9 and a myriad of other smaller groups.
Today the Tourist facility operates 7 days a week and even though it is nowhere near its full potential its profitable.
Brown Tourism signage was approved January 2020 and there are signs within a 3km perimeter to the facility directing tourists to the site.


The factory is fitted out with expensive equipment and automation.

A single production during busy periods produces up to 3 ton of product in a single shift. The product has a wholesale value of $40,000 and is produced with total of seven staff.

At the same time a second production line can produce up to 1 ton of product with four staff in a single shift.
This line is currently been upgraded and will be cable of a production output of 2 ton and with reducing to just three staff.
Total current wholesale production value is $35,000.

A third production line coating chocolate products runs with three staff and depending on the product it can generate up to $14,000 per day in a single shift.

Another production system (chocolate panning). A process of chocolate coating of centers such as fruit, nuts and coffee beans can produce up to 600kg per day with one person in a single shift. Total average output of over $20,000 per day at retail value. Most of these products are sold in our own store. The wholesale value is $11,000.

Our average weekly turnover is between $87,000 to $94,000 per week

The facility has the absolute ability to multiply this turnover by a minimum of four times without the addition of a single machine. What it would need is additional warehouse storage space and two more fork lift operators and warehouse staff as well as employees for the additional shifts. if it had the business to operate two shifts it would reach an annual turnover of over 40 million and it will yield economies of scale much better than current.

Quality Control Systems

The business is SQF certified and has been for over 10 years with an average Audit score of 95 to 99%

Operations Management:

General Manager and gen trouble shooter since 2014
SQF Manager & Corporate sales since 2014
Sales and marketing Manager since 2014
Admin manager since 2019
In-house Graphic designer since 2014
Offside director (currently overseas) since 2015
Factory manager since 2016
The company has a strong able management team which enables it operate 100% under management whilst the share holders are based in Europe.

Suitable Buyer:

The Business will suit either an investor or company in a similar field wanting instant expansion.

Note: there is nothing sugar coated in any of the above disclosure and only a serious buyer will be offered further information and a visit to the facility.

We welcome a joint sole agreement with a professional sales agent on the basis that they will be the only agent engaged besides the company itself. No up-front fees will be offered and a % will be negotiated prior to engagement.

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