Gutter Knight Franchise For Sale - Residential- Commercial Gutter Protection - Recognised, Reputable, Affordable- Earn Up To $800,000pa - Only $74,950

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$74,950 + Gst


Gutter Knight Franchise For Sale - Residential- Commercial Gutter Protection - Recognised, Reputable, Affordable- Earn Up To $800,000pa - Only $74,950

A very simple and impressive business that earns exceptional money, you dont need to have prior experience, you can do all the work yourself or you simply can run it under management. Glen Richards, an investor from the TV series Shark Tank had this to say; It is one of the more impressive and simple Franchise and better business models I have seen.

When it comes to simple types of businesses most people think of lawn mowing and cleaning. Hey, these are great little businesses dont get me wrong here but what if I told you that you can earn in 1 day what a lot of people dont even earn in a week supplying and installing gutter protection on residential and commercial buildings, and you know what; its not even super hard work!

Look Im not trying to make out that this is easy hey nothing is easy these days but this is a very simple business. When you have the right tools and methods the selling part is simple and when it comes to installing the product; yes let's be honest you have to work outside and some days may be worst than others but there is no heavy lifting, you dont need any special skills, you dont need a university degree, no specialised equipment that only a rocket scientist can use and if you can follow a very simple process that we will teach you how to install within a very short amount of time (we are talking days here) an average job within 1 day. 

I probably should add too that just 1 average job can earn you what a lot of people work hard all week for With this business even if you dont want to do the physical work you dont have to and you can have others do it for you while you concentrate on selling the jobs (we show you how to do that too), even just doing this you can still make good money. 

Let me say this; this is not for everyone and I want to make this clear upfront; We are only looking for certain people not just anyone with a heartbeat and some money (all the other business opportunities will take your money they dont care). We have built a very professional business and have a high profile and we want to keep it that way, a business that is professional, on-time, and stands 110% behind their quality and workmanship. 

So in saying that we dont want average people, we dont want the cowboys who say shell be right mate and leave a crap job for the customer and our brand. If you are the type who isnt concerned with quality and reliability Ill save you some time right now and say go and find something else but, if you're not please read on, and if you like what you hear we would like to speak with you and from there you may have the opportunity to submit an application to become part of this business. 

Is this you? 

Open-minded, coachable, and willing to learn new ideas and skills
Enjoy being outside in the open air and surroundings
Not scared of heights (not talking skyscrapers here, 2 storey homes)
Enjoy talking with people
Prepared to put the effort into for the results
Like the idea of being in business for yourself but not by yourself
Desire to earn above average income with the flexibility of hours

 *Remember you dont need to work in this business yourself if you have basic management skills you can run this business passively and have others do the work for you

Who is Gutter Knight?
Seeing a big gap in the market for both quality and service Gutter Knight was established in early 2012, providing high-quality gutter protections systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Gutter protection systems commonly referred to as gutter guard are used for:

Keeping leaves and debris out of a guttering system
Increase the guttering system life and lower maintenance costs
Improved safety no need for homeowners or general maintenance staff to climb onto roofs eliminating potential height and ladder falls and accidents
Fire zones used in bushfire zones to prevent traveling burning embers from nearby bushfires landing inside gutters and igniting any accumulated wastes
Vermin proofing birds, possums, snakes, mice, rats etc
Keeping rainwater tanks clean and free from debris
And more uses

Why Gutter Knight?
With any business opportunity, the most important issue is; who is behind the business?

Most franchise businesses the owners behind them have started the business themselves and have learned by trial and error and in the majority of cases are still learning. Most are good at the doing side of the business but when it comes to sales and marketing which is really 80% plus of the business they have no idea or employ others. Gutter Knights 2 owners are professional business consultants and understand (and train) marketing and sales processes.

All businesses are about sales and marketing dont be fooled by others who say they are not at the end of the day the doing part can be done by anyone.

Gutter Knight is unique in that it is supported by Better Business Now a premium business consulting & marketing firm.

My Return
The most important variable in the level of success you will achieve is in fact you! Franchisees are people and no two people are the same. We can provide you with our proven system, name, and the business tools and support necessary but your reward is ultimately determined by your diligence and your commitment to your business.

Its a bit like this; Im sure this is not you but imagine if you sit at home all day watching TV, what sort of level of success do you think you will achieve? Those who put the effort in make it happen and reap the rewards and in this business, there are Generous Returns to be made.

Now is saying this, currently, returns are being made from $100,000 to up to $800,000 (and most of our guys are finished by 2 pm)

What do I get?
Unlike other franchise opportunities, we actually provide you with all the equipment and tools you need so there are no additional costs! Plus we set up the initial and ongoing marketing campaigns for you so you hit the ground running making money your first week!
Just some of the things you get:

- Fully fitted out custom-built trailer with rego
- All the tools you need to start installing (or for someone else to do it for you)
- All stationery and your fitted uniform
- All marketing material
- Ongoing business/marketing support one on one coaching from industry experts, not wannabes and group training days
- Plus a hell of a lot more

Heres something very unique; if you are not making money we are not making money either, in fact, we lose money I can tell you upfront I dont like losing money so you can bet we work damn hard helping you to make good money

What do I do now?
First I would like to say Congratulations on taking time out of your day to look at a business opportunity that can really change your life

If this sounds like of interest to you and you would like to know more simply use the contact information on this page and send through your details.

I personally look forward to chatting with you and sharing how we may be able to help you

Have a great day

Owner of Gutter Knight Australia

NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! We are reputable with a track record of success and a network of very happy franchisees. We want you to join us so that you can earn an executive-level income for your hard work and also achieve the work/life balance that you have always wanted for you and your family. Please call us today, on the number above, for a confidential chat about a brighter future for you and your family.
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