Licensed / Contracted Post Office, Providing Many Financial Rewards #159

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Licensed / Contracted Post Office, Providing Many Financial Rewards #159

Established for Nearly Half a Century, this Licensed / Contracted Post Office Provides Many Financial Rewards, Which Just Keep Growing! Changes to Online Product Ordering, Banking and Bill Paying Via the Post Office is Generating More Income than Ever for this Business! Generating a High Growth in Sales and Profits, More Local Residents are Ordering Products Online, Receiving these Parcels/Packages via their local Post Office & Mail Distribution Run. This Business includes the Transfer of Two Highly Lucrative and Growing Income Related Australia Post Contracts. Here, Your Financial and Commercial Interests Can Be Secured for Many Years to Come!

• Being established for nearly 50 years within this local region and being an idyllic part of greater Brisbane, means that this Local Post Office has the local area monopoly, providing the highly dependent local residents with hundreds of post office boxes and a central collection point for their mail, bill payments and banking.

• This business’s distribution within the local region and its surrounding suburbs includes residents being reliant on this business for more than just their regular parcels/packages. This business boasts many passive income streams, with growing volumes just increasing sales and profits being receipted by this owner. All this growth having been accelerated by COVID-19, as it has changed people’s behaviours.

• Staff mainly manage this Post Office, leaving this owner to devote time to multiple other businesses owned. These are all non-competitive, are in fact, synergistic, generating leads between all the different businesses.

• Owning this post office is highly supportive and contributes to the rising income levels, which are only set to increase in future. The many passive income streams being received are due to the greater number of clients only wanting to travel a short way to their local post office, for convenience sake, to do their banking, pay their bills, purchase their stamps/envelopes and related post/packaging materials, and pick up their mail from their mail box etc.

• There being ample opportunity for a new owner to add more product lines, such as stationery, gifts, mobile phone accessories and the like (more impulse buy options), which could generate even more sales.

• Since the end of 2019 and COVID-19, so many aspects of a Post Office have been enhanced, becoming more relied upon by local residents, in particular package and parcel items volumes have continued to climb. The owner confirming x10 fold! Income has grown significantly thanks to these volumes of parcels being delivered, earning more than ever.

• It has a very reasonable monthly rental for its central and well positioned, prime main street location, making this owner even more money by having this local area monopoly and exclusivity. This being supported by the regular visits from hundreds of local clients.

• Owning this post office and having it largely staffed, means that it affords him the free time and flexibility to explore and support other income streams. This business being that secure government backed license and contractual arrangement that will make anyone, no matter their skills or background sleep well at night.

• Be secure in the knowing that are no other competitors vying for your same clients or business, and there is no one dividing up your market share.

• The exclusive contract for the parcel distribution (road side contract) run for the local region also means that even more passive income is being generated for the benefit of this business’s owner, as a full-time staff member provides much of these 5 day services. These being on the sharp increase, ever since COVID-19 and increases seen since late 2019 – no signs of this slowing, only accelerating.

• Who doesn’t want the government to provide multiple exclusive contracts which provides commercial securities that are not commonly found within businesses. This business has a local area monopoly and continues to profit big from it!

• The macro elements of what is occurring in the world, is only making more money for this owner, without having to invest more time into the operation.

• A recipe for commercial success, market dominance and captive market clientele, which has just led to a swelling bank account.

• The growth of this business is what this owner is proud to transfer to a new owner, this business’s income has now enabled retirement from working life. This business owner is a ‘baby boomer’ who’s only reason for transferring this highly profitable investment is retirement.

• Not interested in taking the business to a new stage of sales and profit growth, a new owner could continue benefiting from the many passive income streams, and simply enjoy this lifestyle, or generate even more sales and profits, bask in this positive based cashflow investment.

• A new owner needs no prior industry skill, knowledge, or trading history – all will be trained. This business is fully systemised and computerised.

Retirement is the only reason for this lucrative business’s transfer. Being for only $389K WIWO Owner open to offers

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