One Of The Most Financially Rewarding Floor Product Suppliers In Brisbane #092

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One Of The Most Financially Rewarding Floor Product Suppliers In Brisbane #092

Established for Many Decades (2 Owners During this Time), This is One of the Most Financially Rewarding Floor Product Suppliers in Brisbane. With a Manager in Place, this Business’s High Net Profit Continues to be Funded by a Diversity of Clientele, Including Major and On-Going Government Preferred Supplier Agreements. Includes a High Percentage of Long-Term & High Repeat Commercial Transactions. Many Gov’t/Commercial & Business Clientele (Enjoys a Diversity of Clientele). Exclusive Product Supply & Constant Orders Makes for a Breathtakingly High Return on Investment. This Provides any New Owner a Passive Income Investment!

• After being established for multiple decades, this current owner of nearly two decades is ready to retire. Wonderfully capable and a long-term staff member of 17 years is the business’s manager. This manager and the team’s industry and business experience will support any new owner in generating this high and rewarding passive income, per annum.

• This business also boasts a great cashflow! Underpinned by clients who pay large percentage deposits and pay upfront before they receive the products.

• This business has since set this retiring owner up for life financially.

• This business is a luxury and rare investment to own, as its on-going, inbound based sales activity is the reward being collected after a near two decade trading history. Having a high number of commercial clients who always require the products of this business, including large government departments, these massive budgets must be spent annually.

• This is a veritable ‘sales generating machine’ of a business…having a sales team who respond to all on-going, inbound based calls, emails, and web enquiries. Over the last half decade at least, this business has posted a consistently high net income, each and every year - including the COVID affected 19/20 and YTD 20/21. This inbound client transaction activity makes this a vastly comfortable investment to own and be funded by, for decades to come. A new owner not requiring any defined industry skill, knowledge or have any prior industry experience.

• It even enjoys a high gross profit margin percentage per client order, due to its exponential buying power and product purchase rebates.

• When you see how high this net income is, combined with its positive, paid upfront cashflow, you’ll understand why this business owner has remained owner of this investment for nearly two decades.

• This is quite simply a constantly in demand, inbound order-based floor product supplier (outsources 100% of all installation).

• Not only does this business share in the spoils of being part of a national buying group, it is internally registered as a preferred supplier to many schools, major and multiple government departments, aged care industry businesses/members, and boasts a long list of staunchly loyal and long-term gov’t/business and commercial clients.

• This business offers clients an extremely diverse and value for money flooring based, product range. This would have to be one of the most profitable of any floor product businesses in Brisbane!

• This business has a market placement and positioning that is envied. Having such a great reputation for delivering high quality products (it does not install the products it supplies).

• Being a business to business, and direct to client and government product supplier, it simply makes money from supplying what clients are always needing, making for a very secure investment overall.

• The consistent monthly sales are as a result of the cumulative effect of a 3 ½ decade trading history, and already having tens of thousands of clients on the database, who actively refer, return and re-order products.

• General wear and tear, insurance companies responding to damage, home improvements, refurbishments, renovations, as with new dwellings, commercial buildings aid in simply continuing the successful legacy of this extremely solid, financially secure and rewarding business. There is a very high percentage of repeat and on-going sales to business and government clientele.

• Supplying clients with what they want and need often, is what this business specialises in. The repeat transaction rate among the long term commercial and government clientele is astounding. When a business claims the position of the main, preferred supplier, among large and notary clients, means that it keeps competitors at bay – and proudly so!

• Contracts also aid this push-back…and claim of a large percentage of market share.

• Why not let this business investment set you up financially for life. This is a 5 day per week business only. By having such a supportive supply chain, manager and sales team who supports the on-going income generation, a high net income is what helps you to sleep well at night. The financial stability that this business offers, makes this a “champion” business.

• There are proven operational systems which are executed to allow the sales team to do what they do best (receive their product orders from motivated purchasers).

• A highly supportive payment policy allows your ‘money to land in the bank’, as there’s no security better than being paid upfront by the vast majority of your clientele (with the exception of a few large government departments, including schools etc.)

• This business enacts an ‘order taking’ function, so its long term and experienced team can simply supply the flooring products to its vast array of clients, due to their unending need and demand for this range.

It could take an investor decade to amass this high profit base, but here, you can achieve it within only one financial year! A wonderfully secure and diverse investment now provides you with a high return on investment (cashflow positive). All for just $895,000 + SAV (small amount of fast moving stock)

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