Staff Managed, Web Based Supplier Of Branded Merchandise Products #163

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$2,095,000 + SAV


Staff Managed, Web Based Supplier Of Branded Merchandise Products #163

Established for More than 13 Years by this Same Owner, this is a Staff Managed, Fully Systemised, Near Automated, Software & Online/Web Based Operation. This is an Importer and National Wholesaler/Distributor & Direct Supplier of a Large Range of Mainly Branded Merchandise Products. Boasting Many of the Highest Quality Clients Any Business Would Care to Supply. Includes a High Number of Quality, Multi-National/National Corporate Clients, A High Percentage of Government Departments and General Industry Businesses Located Throughout the Nation. Can be Based Anywhere in Australia – Home or Warehouse! Staff Can Manage this Business Remotely Via Cloud/Online Platforms...Leaving this Owner Free Time & a Lifestyle Most Dream About!

• It is now time for a change for this current owner, who is largely absent from this business, as staff continue to manage this exclusively owned, highly systemised and sophisticated software management system allows for a highly time and labour efficient import, national wholesale/distribution, and merchandise product supply business to generate very high gross profit margins.

• There are many reasons for the ultimate national market leadership and commercial prowess of this distribution business, as it has continued to profit big since COVID-19, and this being the case for many years of trading prior to COVID-19.

• A new owner needs no prior industry background or skill to maintain this investor-based lifestyle. Locate oneself from the convenience and comfort of any home or warehouse based anywhere in Australia. This business has been home based since inception!

• It would be a boon for any existing or related industry product or service business to ‘bolt’ this business onto an existing organisation. As, a highly customised software will be transferred (built for the merchandising industry specifically). Having so many automated functions, client/product data and reporting capabilities at its fingertips. This online, cloud based software management system dramatically reduces the time and labour costs involved when owning and building a multi-million dollar+ sales and product distribution business such as this one.

• A new owner will also benefit from having many repeat and return order clients being transferred, who continue to submit high value invoices regularly, needing no on-going encouragement from email campaigns or online marketing/advertising. In fact, this owner has done very little, other than invest $350 per month for the last few financial years, and more net income has continued to be made, to date! Direct to existing client campaigning has not been actioned, nor needed to be actioned for more than the last year and a half.

• More than a third of this business’s clientele must use their annual promotional budget and therefore submit regular orders for their company’s branded merchandise i.e. pens, clothing, stubby coolers, back packs, umbrellas, compendiums, notepads etc.

• The efficiencies of this business are remarkable, with this national supplier being ultimately scalable, thanks to its supply chain of both on and offshore suppliers, their on-going support, great volume-based pricing, as this business’s clientele purchase high volumes, on average. These suppliers have been proven and tested over the long term.

• Its consistency of product quality and the ability to satisfy client’s orders time efficiently, are the traits that this business is well known for.

• These clients being devout supporters of this consistent service, merchandise product supply and national distribution business. The client retention and loyalty are truly astounding, but not surprising given that it can fulfil client orders fast and respond even faster to its client’s requests, no matter how large the order is.

• This clientele is among the best of the best, being from the upper echelon of government and corporate Australia. There are so many contributory qualities that defines this unique and staff managed business. Having such a high percentage of government-based client sales, per annum would be one of these major benefits.

• This is no ordinary endeavour.

• Clients include notary corporate brands, multi-national and national based operations, general businesses from across an array of different industries. These clients all invest in and require merchandised products, on-going. Corporate clients use and supply their clients with their own branded pens and note pads (among other things).

• These products are sourced as client gifts, ways to promote a brand, staff or client awards, incentives, ways in which to attract client attention and uniquely promote their businesses and brands, within the national arena.

• This business prides itself on investing into the building of one of the very best merchandise industry management software’s. This not being an off the shelf program. It has been customised to this business and all its day-to-day tasks, from the ground up. The results are awe-inspiring!

• This exclusively owned software will be transferred to a fortunate new investor or company who discovers the ‘treasure chest’ that this mainly automated system represents.

• The fact is that this business’s clients continue to place repeat client orders organically. With so little marketing and advertising being required or invested in.

• This business, due to its high quality clientele commands great prices for its products, and offers the very best quality products and consistent service, customised to the client – this all being at the touch of a button.

• We can’t give away all this business’s secrets and competitive edge here… but, within the extensive business profile it explains in far more detail why clients, many being the best and most sought after household names and top corporate clients in Australia, make this business their ‘go to’ supplier for all things branded and unbranded merchandise.

• Clients must spend their merchandise budgets per annum or lose them. They simply continue to return for years, again and again depositing funds into this business owner’s bank account, instead of other rival companies.

• The pure sophistication, functionality and automation built into this software management program will make anyone proud. The software itself required an initial budget of nearly $300K for the outsourced programmer to create the system. This resulting in one of the most labour, cost and time saving software management systems in the market!

• Higher gross profit margins, higher quality clientele, a high percentage of government clientele, higher prices being commanded, high volume products being ordered, per client and a loyalty that stretches for many years, lends itself to this business spending $6,664 in annual advertising/marketing in 20/21 to achieve a monster net income return, for this investor owner (does not enact any day-to-day function within this business).

• Base this business from anywhere, as staff manage this operation online and remotely, on your behalf. This is the way of the future and this is one of those businesses who can lead the charge, taking full advantage of the online ordering craze that continues to grip our nation and those within it!

All for $2.095 Million + SAV $100K approx.

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