I am an REINZ award winning Business Broker and have been in the Barker Business Brokerage ‘Top 5’ every year since I started, consistently placing first runner up or winner with my main focus is on deals over $1mill. Since joining the company, every year I have done the largest business deal at Barker Business Brokerage.

I am very focused on bringing offers in from multiple buyers at the same time and would be one of only a few Brokers in the industry who consistently delivers multiple signed Sale & Purchase Agreements for a vendor to choose between. Consequently, more than 60% of all of my sales have been over asking price, the largest being 27% over the asking price.

Preferring to work with a clear, detailed business strategy for each client, I have been able to achieve one of the most consistent timeframes for marketing a business on a diverse range of businesses. This meticulous approach I believe has given me one of the best conversion rates from signed Sale & Purchase Agreement to settling for any experienced Broker in the industry, with it being close to 100% (only one deal not settled from signed contract) I believe the industry average is over 50% of deals fall over during DD.

Constantly looking to provide the best results for my clients, I have a team working behind me. With the help of a Personal Assistant and Marketing Assistant, I remain agile, well researched, and I have a global reach when it comes to presenting listings to the market.

Most often described as enthusiastic and passionate about what I do, I am not only entrepreneurial but inherently creative. Always supporting people, their business growth, and the goals they set out to achieve. My firm commitment is to help clients initiate strategies that will yield an excellent result – financially and personally. I use my wealth of personal experience in the acquisition and selling of companies to help others do the same.


I have a business-building background, starting 6 businesses over a 20-year period. A dynamic and hugely demanding career in business - primarily in importing, retailing, service, marketing, software, and construction industries as well as property investing, has led to extraordinary triumphs and correspondingly, the expected trials of some steep learning curves.

An unequivocal 'big picture' approach means I am able to observe and identify the ways in which a company can do things differently and grow. Astute, articulate, and well-networked globally, primed at all times to walk any client through a process that feels risky and move them to a place that will be rewarding and profitable.

Any spare time I enjoy spending it with my wife Elena and three young children, either at the beach, on top of a mountain skiing or I'm planning our next big adventure.

If you have a business that would benefit from the contribution and support of a strong, skilled marketer and business professional, I would be delighted to have a conversation.

(Information and Stats accurate when written, 01.04.23)


2023 - Barker Business Brokerage Broker of the Year 
2022 - Runner up Barker Business Brokerage Broker of the Year
2021 - Barker Business Brokerage Broker of the Year 
2020 - Barker Business Brokerage Top 5
2019 - Barker Business Brokerage Top 5
2019 - REINZ Rising Star

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