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In 2024, the average price of a business for sale in Melbourne is $555,500. With over 50 new listings every week, there are numerous opportunities available for buyers. The marketplace is valued at over $1.75 billion, with opportunities ranging from small businesses such as cafes and retail stores to large companies in various sectors. With a vibrant population and a thriving economy, Melbourne presents a promising environment for business investment.

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To start purchasing a business in Melbourne, browse through the extensive listings of businesses for sale on our website. Use filters such as category, keywords, and price to narrow down your search and find a business that meets your specific requirements. Contact the seller and go through the process of due dilligence and finalise the purchase. 

There are several key steps involved in buying a business and it is important to get professional advice during the process. Check out our buyers guide for more information. 

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There are a number of resources also available from Business Victoria on buying an existing business

Melbourne boasts a vibrant arts, cafe, and restaurant scene, along with opportunities in various industries such as construction, hospitality, retail, tourism, and more. The type of business you purchase will depend on your experience and preferred location. Here are some of the most popular categories.

Melbourne has several major suburbs that are classified as a CBD. Below, we’ve listed five of the most popular suburbs:

The average price of a business for sale in Melbourne is $548,380. With over 3,000 listings there are alot of different opportunities and the amount required to purchase a business will vary depending on size, location and industry. 

Yes, it is the role of a business broker to provide advice and guidance for people looking to purchase and sell their business. In Melbourne there are a number of professional business brokers who can help you buy a business from start to finish. Its important you engage a business broker who is not involved in business sale you are looking to purchase, so you can get unbiased advice. 

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To sell your business in Melbourne, it's crucial to be organized and prepared with an exit strategy. This preparation increases your chances of achieving an optimal sale price. You have the option to sell your business privately or engage a business broker to assist with the process. Its important to get legal and accountant advice early on in the sales process. 

There are a number of resources from Business Victoria and Bsale has also have put together some general resources to help.

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