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If this is your first time buying a post office or LPO you should read our buying a business guide to get an understanding of the process of buying a post office. 

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A post office makes money through commission for deliveries through Australia Post, and through any sales made through the post office itself. Many post offices sell stationary supplies, toys, books, cards, gifts, homewares and also Lotto and scratch and wins (or scratchies.)

Post offices have a secure form of income, are well established in the community and generally have a strong customer base. The hours of operation of post offices is also during business hours, with some choosing to work limited hours on Saturday mornings and be closed on Sundays. You can also run a post office as an owner operator or family owned business, reducing the need to pay staff wages.

Australia Post offers licenses for individuals looking to purchase a post office to use their systems, manuals, trademarks and images. The most common way to attain an LPO is to purchase one that is pre-existing, and the license will be transferred to your name. This license can be transferred to your name at any time, subject to approval, and has no time frame, so is ongoing. Community Postal Agents (CPAs) will operate under a common agreement with Australia Post and it is renewable every 2 years.

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A Licensed Post Office, or LPO,  in Australia can be owned by an individual that is operated under a license or contract to Australia Post. In rural and regional areas, you can also operate a postal service from another business, such as a general store, which are known as Community Postal Agents or CPA’s.

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You have the option of selling your Post Office privately or engaging a professional business broker. A post office may be as part of business, as it is a license to operate, as opposed to a stand alone business. At Bsale we have put together some resources to help guide you:

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