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Since 2000, Bsale has been a trusted website for connecting buyers and sellers. 

With over 14,000 active listings, new businesses are being added every day. Whether you are a business owner, business broker, or franchise group looking to sell, Bsale can place your opportunity in front of active buyers.

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Bsale is a trusted platform to sell a business, with thousands of listings and new businesses added daily. Check out the current breakdown of businesses on the Bsale marketplace. If you want to sell a business online in Australia you need to be where the opportunities are currently active and buyers are looking. 




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Bsale is a proud partner of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB). With over 400 business brokers currently advertising, we offer options to increase enquiries for your clients. Join your professional peers and enhance your exposure. 

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Does your agency have fewer than 10 businesses for sale? We have packages to increase exposure for your clients.  

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Bsale can help you sell your business. Bsale offers a platform to advertise your business sale to a large audience of potential buyers. By listing your business on Bsale, you could reach interested buyers in Australia and overseas allowing you to manage enquiries, and negotiate directly. Bsale charges a flat advertising fee and 0% commissions. Whilst Bsale is not a business broker and cannot act on your behalf to sell your business, it can assist with advertising options and help find you a business broker. 

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To get your business sold you need to understand the process and time it takes. Engage professionals who can assist with your business preparation, negotiations and settlement. Since 2000, Bsale has played an integral part of many business owners and brokers advertising strategies to drive enquiries and get businesses sold. 

Always obtain professional legal advice when selling a business. Every state has different laws, and you want to be sure that the business sale is structured correctly for your state.

A business sale usually involves a Contract of Sale document that the seller’s solicitor prepares. This document will outline things such as; assets being transferred, property details, fixtures, stock, patents, trademarks, liabilities, employee details and entitlements, training periods and more.

During the Due Diligence process, the buyer's solicitor will usually look over the contract and may want to make adjustments. There is usually a period of negotiations between the buyer and seller before the final Contract of Sale is prepared and signed. Once the settlement has occurred, there is usually a transition period.

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> Government Resources on Selling a Business

According to leading business brokers, it generally takes 6-9 months to sell a business. There are a lot of factors that influence business sales, including how well prepared the business is to sell, if it is easily transferable, the asking price, buyers access to finance, the negotiation phase, and settlement procedures. To increase your chances of a quick sale, you need to obtain professional advice and have the business properly prepared. Bsale is here to help drive enquiries for your business sale.

If you advertise and sell your business privately, you are looking at <$1,000 for marketing costs plus additional legal and accountant fees. If you are engaging a business broker, you will be looking at marketing fees (around $4,000) and a sales commission (around 5-10%).

You also need to consider your tax obligations such as capital gains tax. A helpful section on the ATO website outlines what happens when changing, selling or closing a business.  

There is so much variation in the size and value of businesses, so the cost to sell a business will vary a great deal. Its always important to obtain professional advice when selling a business and understand the fees at the start of the process.  

> Guide to Selling a Business

Selling a business requires a strong marketing strategy both online and offline. Without a doubt, most enquiries come from online marketing strategies that involve marketplaces, email marketing, social media and paid advertising. Online marketing allows you to reach a wider audience in Australia and overseas, targeting potential buyers actively looking to acquire a business. To maximize your exposure and increase the chances of finding the right buyer, you should encoporate Bsales online marketing strategies to help sell your business. The more people who see your business for sale listing, the greater the pool of potential buyers.


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