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Since 2000, Bsale has been an affordable and effective method to advertise and sell a business. Brokers, franchise groups and private sellers choose Bsale as their online platform to expose their business or franchise opportunities to buyers. Search business for sale to see what is currently available. 

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Business Owners & Franchisees

Bsale offers advertising packages for business owners and franchisees. These packages allow you to place you listings on the bsale website, appear in our digital magazine and on our social media networks. 

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Business Brokers

Join one of Australia’s leading business and franchise for sale websites. Whether you’re a boutique brokerage or large firm operating across multiple states we have marketing options for you. Bsale are proud supporters of the AIBB. 

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Franchise Groups & Business Opportunities

If you’re looking to advertise and sell multiple franchise locations or business opportunities, Bsale has options. We don't charge any commission and have multi-listing packages to help grow and expand your franchise.

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Real Estate Agents

If you have a few businesses for sale each year but don't want to commit to a broker package. We have options for you to promote your client's businesses on our niche business for sale website.

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Selling a Business FAQs


In Australia, a business or franchise owner may sell their business privately (i.e. without an agent) or engage a licensed agent (i.e. real estate agent or business broker). Selling a business involves several steps and processes, including; preparation, appraisals, marketing, fielding enquiries, negotiations, offer and acceptance, due diligence, exchange of contracts, settlement, handover and training. Business brokers are licensed professionals in Australia to assist business and franchise owners in selling. A solicitor is required to prepare and review the legal documents, and an Accountant to prepare financial records and review tax obligations.

Bsale provides advertising options to business owners, business brokers and franchise groups. We realise that selling a business requires finding the right buyer, and we have been in this industry since 2000. To sell your business via Bsale, you need to select which type of seller you are and view the current packages available. 

Always seek professional legal advice when selling a business. Every state has different laws, and you want to be sure that the business sale is structured correctly for your state. A business sale usually requires a Contract of Sale document that the seller’s solicitor prepares. This document will outline things such as; assets being transferred, property details, fixtures, stock, patents, trademarks, liabilities, employee details and entitlements, training periods and more. During the Due Diligence process, the buyer's solicitor will usually look over the contract and may want to make adjustments. There is usually a period of negotiations between the buyer and seller before settlement. Once the settlement has occurred, it is the seller’s responsibility to transfer all the relevant services such as leases, licenses, ABN, Business names, trademarks, patents etc. and finalise any tax or employee obligations. 

In Australia, the average is 6-9 month for businesses that sell via business brokers. Obviously, there can be variations to this as some businesses may sell in 3 months, others in 2 years. The variation depends on a few factors; whether a realistic asking price is set; location of the business; whether it’s a niche market; the value of the business; available buyers; whether the business is prepared for sale; the agent you engage and the way you market the business for sale. 

If you advertise and sell your business privately, you are looking at <$1,000 for marketing costs plus additional legal and accountant fees. If you are engaging a business broker, you will be looking at marketing fees and a sales commission, usually $15,000+. There is so much variation in the size and value of businesses, so the cost to sell a business will vary a great deal. The best way to assess how much it will cost you is to look at your options, speak with three or more business brokers, and decide the best path for you and your business.  

In Australia, you have the option to sell your business privately, or you may engage an agent to assist you. Only licensed real estate agents and business brokers can work on your behalf to sell a business. Usually, you will enter into an agency agreement for 3-6 months, in which time the agent will assist you in selling the business. Every state has a governing body that oversees the licensing of agents. If you are looking to engage a business broker, please see our find a business broker section.


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