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  • We hand-select 3 business brokers who have experience with similar business sales
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  • We are proud partners of the AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers) 
  • We have insights into industry leaders, sold data, listings and more 

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1. Tell us about your business

2. Bsale selects 3 business brokers who have experience in your industry or location

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500 Business Brokers Online

500+ Business Brokers

We work with the top business brokers in Australia. We are well-connected and have insights to data, reputation, sales, and more. 
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Thousands of Businesses for Sale

We host 80% of businesses listed for sale. Buyers come to Bsale to buy a business. We know how business brokers interact with buyers. 

Partner of AIBB

Partner of the AIBB

We are trusted in the community of business brokers and partners of the AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers). 


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We work with the top business brokerages in Australia. We know who specializes in certain industries and locations. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


A business broker is a licensed professional who is usually engaged by a business or franchise owner to assist them in selling their business. Initially, a business broker will perform an assessment of the business and recommended any preparation that is required to achieve an optimum sale price. They will then prepare a market appraisal for the business and determine a price guide. If the owner engages the business brokers services, the broker will continue to prepare the business for sale. This will include roles such as; determining the best sales strategy, creating marketing materials, promoting the business for sale; fielding buyer enquiries, engaging in negotiations, connecting with allied professionals such as solicitors, accountants, finance brokers and basically guiding the seller and buyer through to settlement. 


A business broker may also assist in a number of other areas such as; assisting buyers find opportunities, assisting with due diligence, guiding mergers and acquisitions, business coaching and business valuations. 

Bsale has developed the business broker matching service, so we can connect you with a business broker who has experience in your location and/or industry. We work with over 500 business brokers in Australia and are well-connected within the community. We have data on who is actively selling similar businesses, sold recently, won industry awards, and more. Bsale wants to help business owners to exit and sell, and making the right connection is important. 

Yes. In every state of Australia, a business broker must be licensed to operate. They are usually licensed alongside Real Estate agents though some states have special classifications for ‘business agents’. It is important to check the governing body in each state to ensure the broker has a current license in your state.

Bsale has been working with business brokers since 2000. Bsale is a business for sale platform that showcases thousands of businesses for sale represented by business brokers. We are proud partners of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) and have strong connections within the business broking community. 

With over 500 business brokers actively working in Australia there is a large group of professionals who can assist you to sell your business. At Bsale we have been working alongside business brokers since 2000 so are well connected. Our Bsale platform gives us insights into the best business brokers and who is actively selling businesses. A good business broker is one who will act with honour and integrity to get your business prepared for sale, advertise it at the right price, actively communicate and engage with buyers, and navigate the negotiations through to settlement. You don't want a business broker who isn't willing to 'work for the sale'.

As a business owner it's important to understand the difference between a valuation and an appraisal. Often these two words are interchanged but are very different. The time it takes to perform a valuation and the legal applications are very different from a business appraisal, you can find out more in this article. 

If you are selling a business, you may just need an appraisal (aka what the business could sell for in today's market) or you may need a valuation (a comprehensive understanding of the business's financial position). This decision will be based on a few factors, such as the size of the business, how many partners are involved, debts, business structure and so on. 

There are business brokers who are registered as licensed business valuers and can provide you with a valuation and appraisal. 

Every business broker has a different fee structure based on a number of factors. Selling a business can be a lengthy process, some may sell in 3 months, others may take 2 years. It depends on the complexity of your business, whether it is a niche market, your price point, your expectations and whether the right buyer can be found. In general, commissions are 5-10% and there may be additional fees for marketing expenses. A good broker should be judged based on their experience selling similar businesses and not solely on commission rates. 


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