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Here you can find newsagencies for sale. Are you interested in owning a retail shop that sells newspapers, magazines, lotto, snacks, cards and more? Then buying a newsagency for sale may be the right step for you, and Bsale has opportunities. 

In Australia, there are various brands of newsagencies for sale, including independent operators. When you buy an established business you are getting access to suppliers, distributors, skilled employees, cash flow, a commercial lease and much more. If owning a newsagency business is part of your plan, check out what is currently for sale. 

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Here are some common questions about buying a newsagency for sale;

Bsale has newsagencies for sale from $35,000 through to $ 1,500,000. The newsagents location and profit will factor into the cost of buying a newsagency for sale.

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Newsagents make roughly 10% profit on the sale of newspapers and stationery. It is important to factor in that the majority of profit in a newsagency will come from other sources such as cards, lottery products, magazines and confectionery that are usually purchased in addition to the daily newspaper from a customer.

A newsagency is a good business to buy since they are well established in the community, have a strong community customer base and have a large range of products such as magazines, cards, wraps, lotteries, gifts, stationery and more available for purchase. Every business is different, so it's important to conduct a proper due diligence on the business you are planning to buy.

Yes, you will require a Commercial Copyright Access Licence to sell third-party copyright text and images including books, newspapers, magazines. 

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You can search for news agencies for sale via your town, region or state to see what is currently for sale. Here are our top search results:

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If this is your first time buying a newsagency you should read our buying a business guide to get an understanding of the process of buying a  newsagency.

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You have the option of selling your Newsagency privately or engaging a professional business broker. At Bsale we have put together some resources to help guide you:

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