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Get More Tools to Help you Sell

  • 6 months on
  • Everything in Bronze plus:
  • Refresh: Every 30 days - keeping you near the top!
  • Legals: Non-Disclosure Agreement - Protect your business
  • Information Memorandum: Connect with Buyers with a 10-page PDF [view sample]
  • eMagazine: Half-page graphically designed Ad [view sample]
  • Newsletter: We let buyers know your ad is live
  • Copy Writing: Our team can help your ad shine
  • Feature: 30-day premium [valued at $94.00]


Create a listing on Bsale

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  • Commission: 0%
  • Edits: Unlimited
  • eMagazine: Quarter page ad
  • Feature: 30-day prime
  • Checklist: 10 Steps on How to Sell a Business



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0% Commission
Unlimited edits and 24/7 access to your account
Upload up to 15 photos, or request stock images
Legals: NDA to provide to potential buyers
Checklist: 10 steps to selling a Business
Information Memo: 10 page Canva template to create your own
Newsletter: Appear in the newsletter sent to 27,000 subscribers
Refresh: Monthly push listing back towards the top of results
Book: 'Buy, Grow, Exit' by Joanna Oakey


Social Media: Post created and shared with 3,000+ users
30 day feature for more exposure Premium Premium Prime
eMagazine: Graphically designed Ad for 2 editions Half Page Half Page Quarter Page
Advertising period on Bsale Until Sold 6 Months 3 Months
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At Bsale we go beyond just advertising your business for sale on our leading marketplace (even though that is what we are good at!)

We provide you with tools and resources so you can confidently speak with advisors and buyers. We will provide you with resources to help along the way. Selling a business is easier with a team around you. These are guides only and you should always obtain professional advice when selling a business.


Non Disclosure Agreement Template

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

We don't want you discussing your business with buyers without some protection. It is a common practice to request a buyer to complete an NDA before you share more information.


Info Memo Template

2. Create Your Own Information Memorandum

We've taken the hard work out of designing an Information Memorandum and have created a helpful Canva template that you can edit and share with your advisors and potential buyers.

In just under 60 minutes, you can have a beautiful 10-page PDF ready to share, email, or print.

> Read more about info memos

Selling a Business Checklist

3. Checklists and Tools

We can provide you with checklists, guides, and a leading book on how to 'Buy, Grow, and Sell' a business. So you can understand the buying and selling process.

> Read Selling a Business Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a business privately means you are selling it without the assistance of a business broker or agent. The sale of your business will require a solicitor to prepare the necessary legal paperwork and an accountant to analyse your tax obligations and prepare financial documents. 

> Guide to Selling a Business

Bsale is an advertising platform dedicated to driving enquiries. Our goal is to send quality leads to our clients (business owners, brokers and franchise groups) so they can negotiate and ultimately sell the business. So whilst we cannot 'sell your business' we can generate you the leads and find the potential buyer, so you can sell your own business. 

No, Bsale is an advertising website with the goal of generating leads for your sale. We have a flat advertising rate. 

It is a good idea to use a lawyer, solicitor or conveyancer when selling a business as you want the sale to be legally binding.

A good commercial business lawyer will walk you through the entire sale process; this includes preparing necessary documents and guiding negotiations. You want to ensure you are properly represented in the business sale so everything runs smoothly through to settlement. The buyer may also engage a solicitor during due diligence and negotiations. 

> Guide to Selling a Business

The best way to assess what your business is worth it to get a market appraisal. Business brokers will provide you with a market appraisal of what they think your business could sell for. Appraisals are often provided free of charge by a broker as they would like you to become a client, and it’s part of their sales process, though some may charge a fee. There can be many variations in a business’s appraisals, depending on the broker's perspective and what they consider valuable. 

It is a good idea to approach three business brokers who understand your industry and have experience selling your type of business. There is no point applying a calculation you find online as businesses are so varied, you want to get an accurate appraisal for the current market conditions. At the end of the day, you want to know what your business could sell for in the current market and ensure it’s priced correctly and is not too high or too low.

> Guide to Selling a Business in Australia

> Guide to Choosing a Business Broker

> Find a Business Broker

If you are selling a small business (under $100,000) many owners choose to sell it privately or by themselves. You will need to get the business prepared, market it for sale, find a buyer, negotiate, exchange contracts and reach settlement and handover. 

You need to engage the following professionals to ensure you understand the legal process and tax obligations:

  • Solicitor / Conveyancer / Lawyer
  • Accountant

> Guide to Selling a Business

You can sell your business without a broker on Bsale. We are an advertising and marketing platform dedicated to finding buyers for business owners and their agents. 

> Guide to Selling a Business


Yes. It’s important to have an exit strategy as part of your business plan. An exit strategy will outline what happens to the business when the current owner decides it's time to leave. The strategy could involve selling to a competitor, engaging a business broker, transferring ownership to a family member or selling privately.  It will outline when is the best time to sell; perhaps when net profit reaches a certain point, when the owners plan to move, when a patent or trademark is approved or when the owner is ready to retire.

In reality, very few business owners have an exit strategy and usually sell their business when life forces the sale, such as; relocating, sickness, retirement, increased expenses or downturn in profit. If you give yourself enough time to plan your business sale, you can set up an exit strategy. 

> Guide to Selling a Business

FSBO means ‘for sale by owner’. It is a common term used in the real estate industry when someone is selling their own property. It is sometimes used in business sales, though it is more commonly referred to as a ‘private seller’. 

Our packages are based on 3 months, 6 months, or until sold. 

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The best way to sell your small business is with the assistance of professionals. You want to make sure you have the right people around you to guide you through the process. Depending on your business’s circumstances, you may choose to sell it privately or via a business broker. You will need to have an accountant and lawyer to assist with the necessary documents. 

> Guide to Selling a Business in Australia

> Guide to Choosing a Business Broker

Capital gains tax applies to business sales in Australia. There are currently four small business concessions that could reduce your CGT payable. It is important to get the assistance of an accountant early on when you're preparing to sell as it could affect when and how the sale is structured. 

A helpful section on the ATO website outlines what happens when changing, selling or closing a business.  

> Guide to Selling a Business