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Here you can find hundreds of hair salons for sale. Buying a hair salon is considered a natural progression for many hairdressers and stylists. The dream of owning and running your own hair salon can become a reality when you buy a hair salon for sale via Bsale. 

When you buy an established hair salon for sale you can reap the benefits such as clientele, talented hairdressers, financial forecasts, equipment such as wash basins, suppliers, marketing strategies, a good commercial lease and more. On Bsale you will find small boutique salons with a couple of chairs, to larger salons with multiple hair stylists and colourists. 

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We share some of the most common questions about buying a hair salon for sale in Australia. 

When searching for hair salons for sale, you will find hundreds of opportunities available from small hair dressing salons to large franchise groups. When starting your search you may have a location and price point in mind, apply these filters to narrow down your search results. Once you contact with the hair salon owner or broker they may probably request you complete an NDA before more information is provided. At Bsale, we have put together a number of resource guides to assist:

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The price of hair salons can vary based on their profit, location and potential. There are a number of hair salons and men's barbers that are operated by a small team such as a business owner and a couple of team members, these types of salons are for sale from $100,000. 

The type of hair salon you buy will depend on what you can afford, your business experience and where you want the business to be located. The cheaper hair salons tend to be owner-operated with minimal staff. Whilst the more expensive hair salons will have a well-established team and may offer a range of high-end services. 

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Not all hair salons are owned by hair dressers. It may be a natural progression for a hair dresser or stylist to want to own their own business, but it is not essential. Obviously having experience as a hair dresser and working in the industry would be advantageous. 

Owning a hair salon is often considered a progression for a hairdresser or stylist. After obtaining experience working for another salon owner, you may wish to start or buy a hair salon. The hair salon industry is estimated to be worth $9 billion dollars and has 33,520 businesses in Australia according to ibisworld.

Buying a hair salon over starting from scratch has a number of advantages:

  • Equipment - an established hair salon for sale will be sold with the necessary equipment to operate such as wash basins, mirrors, chairs, hair dryers, straightners and other essentials such as software, computers, websites, social media pages and so on. 
  • Talented Teams - if you are looking to grow a business you may want to be surrounded by talented hairdressers and stylists. When you buy a hair salon there may be team members that will be staying with the business. This team have built a reputation and client base and can be a great asset to the growth of your salon. 
  • Financial Projections - You can see how much the business is currently earning and make forecasts for the future. Starting from scratch has a lot of uncertainties. An established hair salon can show you where the money has been coming in and the expenses. 
  • Commercial Lease - an established hair salon already has a lease in place. This could mean you get a hair salon in a good location or lease with good terms and value. There may be no need to spend high fees on a fit-out. 

Buying a hair salon is a great way to obtain your business dreams, a number of elements have already been established. 

If you are looking to sell your hair salon, there are a number of steps involved, from getting the business ready for sale through to settlement. There are hundreds of hair salons sale and it is a popular choice for many hairdressers. If you are selling a salon you have the option of selling privately or engaging a professional business broker. At Bsale we have put together some resources to help guide you:

> Your Guide to Selling a Business

> How to Choose the Right Business Broker

> Sell a Business

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