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Looking for a petrol station for sale in Australia? Bsale offers a variety of opportunities, including major brands like BP, Coles Express, Caltex, 7-Eleven, United, Puma, Liberty, and Metro, as well as independent stations. Buying an established petrol station provides access to branding, skilled staff, equipment, sales history, and future projections. Many petrol stations also include cafes or takeaway food services, which can be sub-leased. When purchasing, it's crucial to review the equipment, especially fuel pumps and tanks. Explore available petrol stations on Bsale today and register for alerts to stay updated on new listings​

Have a look at the FAQs we receive about buying a petrol station in Australia

When buying a petrol station, consider several crucial factors to ensure a sound investment. Review detailed financial records, including profit and loss statements and cash flow, for the past three years to assess the station's financial health and revenue sources, such as fuel and convenience store sales. Analyze the location by examining traffic volume, customer demographics, and nearby competitors. Ensure the business complies with local, state, and federal regulations, including environmental standards, and verify that all necessary licenses and permits are in place. Evaluate the condition of the infrastructure, such as fuel tanks, pumps, and the convenience store, and check for any potential environmental issues like soil contamination. Additionally, review existing supplier contracts, employee agreements, and any lease arrangements. Finally, consider the growth potential and market trends to determine the long-term viability of the investment.

When you are looking to buy a petrol station, here are 5 things you should consider:

  1. Location - Main road or freeway location with high traffic can ensure repeat business. According to Canstar Blue, 29% of Australians stick to the same station regardless of price, and 27% will drive further for cheaper fuel.

  2. Profitable Shop Sales - A well-stocked shop with a variety of products like groceries and coffee can boost the profitability of the business. 

  3. Good Fuel Supplier Contracts - Favorable contracts with reliable fuel suppliers ensure consistent supply. 

  4. Excellent Fuel Tank Maintenance - Detailed maintenance logs, inspection reports, and repair records indicate a well-managed petrol station.

  5. Regulatory Compliance - Ensure fuel tanks meet local and national environmental and safety regulations to avoid legal issues and ensure safe operations.

In Australia, petrol stations are available in three main categories; 

  • Refiner wholesales - BP, Caltex, Mobil and Shell, which includes refiner–wholesaler controlled sites and independently operated but refiner–wholesaler branded sites
  • Supermarkets - Coles Express and Woolworths
  • Large Independents retail chains such as such as 7–Eleven, United and Puma Energy

Currently, there are approximately 6,500 petrol stations across the country. According to the ACCC, Coles Express and Caltex account for 31 percent of the total petrol sales volume. Additionally, 7-Eleven has received a 5-star Canstar Blue award for the quality of products offered in their stores.

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Petrol stations are usually appraised based on a multiple of the net profit to the owner with some market predictions. There are other factors that may influence the appraisal such as the brand the petrol station operates under, contracts in place, equipment, fuel supplier, whether it is freehold or leasehold and its potential. It's important to seek professional advice when buying a business so you can conduct proper due diligence. It’s important to note that an appraisal is an estimation of what the business could sell for in the current market, whilst a valuation is conducted by a licensed business valuer.

Aside from selling petrol, a service station can have multiple forms of income such as; shop sales of products, operating a carwash, leasing out cafe space, leasing out a mechanical workshop or working with other allied businesses such tyre sales and repairs.

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To sell a petrol station in Australia, start by evaluating the business's financial health and gathering relevant records. Speak with your accountant to determine your tax obligations.  Hire a professional such as a business broker to help determine its market value, considering location, sales, and additional services. Ensure compliance with all regulations and address any environmental issues. Screen potential buyers for financial capability and industry experience, allow them to conduct due dilligence. Draft a sale agreement with a solicitor, covering warranties, liabilities, and transition terms. You will then transfer ownership, licenses, and permits, ensuring all taxes and debts are settled. A training and hand over period is usually required. 

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