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Here you can find professional services businesses for sale. Are you a professional looking to own a business? Then Bsale has opportunities for you. 

When buying an established professional business such as accountancy, legal, physio, brokerage, RTO, nursing or more you can gain access to clients, financial statements and established systems. Grow your professional career and make buying a business your next step. 

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Here are some common questions asked about buying a professional business for sale;

A professional business is a great business to buy if you have experience in that industry. For example, if you are an accountant, there are a number of businesses available that enable you to quickly grow your practice and obtain new clients. There is such a large array of professional businesses and they are usually best suited to individuals with previous knowledge and experience.

Bsale has many types of professional businesses for sale. Some of the most popular include IT services, legal firms, accountant agencies, RTO’s, marketing agencies, medical and NDIS related businesses. 

Find out how to buy a business with our guide.

> How to Buy a Business: Your Essential Guide

Professional businesses can cost anywhere from $10,000 right through to over $6,000,000. The cost of these businesses range due to the scope of work and whether the business is freehold or leasehold.

You can find professional businesses for sale on Bsale by searching your state, town or city.

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You have the option of selling your professional business privately or by engaging a professional business broker. At Bsale we have put together some resources to help guide you:

> Guide to Selling a Business in Australia

> Guide to Choosing a Business Broker

> Sell a Business Online

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