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Privacy Policy


The Bsale Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of Bsale Australia Pty Ltd  (“Bsale”) who owns and operates Bsale.com.au (“Site”).


What information does Bsale collect about me?


Information when registering

When you register to use Bsale or contact us for support or information, Bsale collects information that identifies you. This includes:

To ensure our database is kept relevant and up to date, we may source additional information provided from third-party sources and combine it with the information supplied. For example, matching your business with an industry or profession.


Bsale website interaction

We collect information about how you interact on our website. For example, the listings you have liked, searches you have performed.  This information is collected via cookies and similar technologies. It is matched to your profile and is used to provide you with better services. It includes:


Bsale Emails

Emails we send you may include a technology (called a web beacon) that tells Bsale whether you have received or opened the email, or clicked a link in the email. If you do not want us to collect this information, you can unsubscribe from our marketing emails and buyer alerts.  


Bsale Online Advertising

Bsale advertises online in a variety of ways, such as displaying Bsale ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and publishing of the eMagazine. Bsale uses cookies and similar technologies to gather additional information and measure the effectiveness of our advertising. We collect information such as:


Buttons from other companies

The Bsale Site may include buttons, or content that link to other companies’ services (for example, a Facebook "Like" button). We may collect information about your use of these features. Some information may also be automatically sent to the other company. Please read their privacy policy for more information.


Social media sign-in services

You can sign into Bsale using social media profiles such as a Facebook account. Where you give appropriate permissions, we will receive information about you from your social networking account, such as name, location, basic demographic information.


How does Bsale use this information?

Bsale uses the personal information we collect about you for the following purposes:


As required by Bsale to perform its operations, such as;


For legal purposes:


Does Bsale share this information?

Your information is not disclosed to third parties unless it is for the purpose of the operation of the Bsale website. We will share your personal and business sale information with companies that help us to run and also market our business by processing personal information on behalf of Bsale for the purposes identified above. Such providers include; customer support, payment processing services, email, social media, business and franchise websites, and other marketing platforms and service providers, and hosting services.

By using our site, and posting content, you acknowledge that your personal information may be disclosed to potential buyers.

We may also disclose information if it is required by a government department, or by a court order, or other applicable law or legal process.

If we provide information about another user you must only use it for the purpose it is provided to you. You must not disclose, sell, rent or distribute the user's information to a third party for marketing purposes.

Bsale Buyers Register collects contact details and information on the interested party to match with sellers on Bsale. To assist buyers further in their search Bsale may link a buyer with a broker or franchise and be paid a retainer if a sale is negotiated, buyers must first give approval for this type of link to a broker or franchise to occur.

If we merge with or are acquired by another company, your information will likely be disclosed to the purchasers and will be one of the assets that is transferred to the new owner.

We may share or publish aggregate information that doesn’t specifically identify you, such as statistical information about visitors to our websites or statistical information about how customers use Bsale.


Is my Information displayed on the Bsale website?

The content that you have created for your advertisement will be displayed publicly on the Bsale website. You guarantee the owner/s of the business consent to sell and all details, copyright of photos, are true and correct. This includes information such as; photos, logo, business name, contact name, contact phone number, details about the business or franchise for sale. If you wish to have your business listing less recognisable, there is the option to not include your business name, contact name and phone number. Bsale cannot guarantee the anonymity of any business as the content and photos you upload may be identifiable. Once you have created a listing, you may view the public version to see what information is visible.

When you make contact with a buyer or seller using the Bsale website, it may use the saved information in your profile page, be sure you are aware what information you are sending before completing the form


How is my personal information stored?

We understand that security is important. Your personal information is stored on our hosting companies servers, in a payment gateway or on-site in a secure location. We provide security controls to protect your personal information, however we cannot guarantee they are 100% effective. Bsale cannot ensure or warrant the security of your personal information.


Last updated March 01, 2021


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