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Here you can find mechanic businesses for sale. If you are a mechanic, car enthusiast or entrepreneur looking for your next move, Bsale has opportunities for you. 

Buying an established mechanic for sale will get you access to a workshop with equipment, clients, marketing strategies, suppliers, a commercial lease and more. Reviewing the business's financials during due diligence will give you an idea of where the income and expenses are going and determine ways to drive more profits.

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We share some of the most common questions about buying a mechanic business for sale in Australia.

Auto mechanic businesses may include a sole trader who runs an independent workshop to a company that has multiple locations and employees.  In order to buy an existing mechanics business you should register for alerts so you are notified when a new business is listed. You can then make contact with the seller and request more information. Usually the seller or broker will ask you to complete an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of the business. Buying a mechanics business  requires professional advice during the process to ensure the due diligence is conducted properly.

A good mechanic business will have repeat clientele and a positive reputation. It is a good idea to check online reviews for the mechanic to see what clients are saying. You will want to assess whether the mechanic works with any companies and provides any regular servicing. Depending on the size of the mechanic you are looking to purchase, the team and their experience is also an important factor to consider. 

Mechanics provide auto repair services to cars, trucks, utes, etc. Some mechanics may specialise in a type or model of vehicle. For example, some mechanics will only service trucks, or may only service Toyota vehicles. The type of mechanic you buy is largely determined by location, your skillset and capital you have to invest. 


The core to every business is generating an income, servicing clients and managing staff. Being a mechanic will help you understand how to service the vehicle, understanding costs and what services are required. If the mechanic for sale has a good team in place, it is more about business management and driving profits for the business. The buyer will need to have a good understanding of business, management and marketing to have a successful business. Experience in the automotive industry would be an advantage. 

If you are currently employed in the automotive industry or have experience as a mechanic, it can be a great opportunity to become the boss. As the business owner you get to make decisions about the business and where it is headed. The more profitable the business is, the more money you can make, which means you have the potential to earn more than your mechanics salary. 

Mechanics and auto repair businesses are appraised based on a multiple of the net profit to the owner with some market predictions. The determining factor is usually, what will the market pay for this business based on similar sales. Obviously with mechanics there is equipment involved. It is important to obtain professional advice when buying a mechanic as it can be a large investment and you want to be sure you know what you are agreeing to when purchasing. It is important to conduct proper due diligence. 

Mechanics and auto repair businesses usually make money by selling their services to repair or maintain a vehicle. They may have repeat clients whose vehicles are regularly serviced, for example the local council may bring their cars in for a service every 10,000km. They will also provide repair services when a car is damaged or has an issue. 

The best way to keep track of new business opportunities is to save your search result. You will be notified as soon as a new mechanic is listed for sale.  

Selling a mechanic business requires preparation. Having a solid exit strategy will mean your mechanic is ready for sale and has a greater chance of achieving an optimum price. It’s important to be prepared for the sales journey as it usually takes around 6-9 months to sell a business in Australia. Check out Bsales 6 steps to prepare a business for sale which will provide you a checklist and a general step by step guide. Business brokers are licensed professionals who can assist with the sale of your business and market it on websites such as Bsale. Check out the Find a Business Broker section to locate a suitable broker for your business. Bsale also offers advertising direct to business owners. 


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