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Why Buy a Vending Machine Business?


Vending machine businesses can be very profitable if managed correctly. They offer business owners flexibility, as the majority are run remotely and placed in high-traffic areas to generate income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vending machine businesses may include a single type of machine such as a drink vending machine, or may be part of a larger group with multiple types of products. Its important you understand the process of buying a business, please see our guide:

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There are vending machines businesses that sell all different types of products such as; drinks, snacks, toys, travel items, water, ice, beauty products etc. The type of business you buy could be an independent business or may be part of a franchise or distribution network. You may have to stock certain products or you may have a choice of what you sell. It depends on the type of business you decide to purchase. 

The major benefit of a vending machine business is that it usually requires minimal hours of work per week. The owner may be in a management role and overseeing the replenishment of stock or they may be physically driving to each machine's location and refilling the products. There is usually a low entry point to purchase this type of business. The more machines you operate under your business, obviously the more money you can potentially make, which means the business has growth potential. 

A vending machine business will usually have multiple machines that are at various locations. When the machine sells a product, the business will generate an income. Typically it is by selling products such as soft drinks, chips, water, beauty items etc. 

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If you are looking to sell your vending machine business, you have the option of selling privately or engaging a professional business broker. Here are some guides to help you:

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