Growing up as a youngster I would spend most of my school holidays and weekends helping out at my parent’s café business.

Sacrificing my school holidays (usually not by choice) I would work and learn first hand about the general operations of a food business. I didn’t realise it so much at the time however I was gaining invaluable experience that would turn out to play a big role in my future endeavours.

Upon graduating from high school I pursued and successfully held roles in sales and account management based mainly around consumer electronics. After working for numerous years in the sales industry I was over the corporate gig and decided that it was time to pursue a role in the hospitality industry which I had a lot of passion for.

I took on a manager’s position at my parent’s café and hit the ground running. Due to outdated menus and possibly a slight lack of motivation from my ageing parents who worked for as long as I remember I was able to inject fresh new ideas, design and manage a small very overdue face lift and give the business a new marketing approach which all proved to be a success.

I would end up working with my parents for a period of 4 years during which I am grateful to have been able to learn about every aspect of the industry from them,  including leases, supplier contracts, system creation and integration, and my favourite, shopping suppliers for the most competitive pricing.

My parent’s semi-retired and I went on to purchase and operate Sylvan Beach Seafood Restaurant in Bribie Island.

The transformation of this business from when I first purchased it in February 2013 to when I sold in December 2018 is still a topic of conversation with the locals and our loyal customers still today. Implementing systems that would allow the store to trade efficiently from open till close and a huge focus on training staff to portray our culture and work ethics were key ingredients to the success of this business.

I live and breathe the industry and understand the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices that need to be made to allow us owners to operate a successful business. We decided to sell the business as our second child was on the way and operating a shop with 15+ staff did not work in-line with family life.

After the sale was completed I took some much needed time off and during this time met Paul from GSE. Paul operates a Facebook page where he provides an invaluable amount of information including material documents to help owners with any issues they may be experiencing all free of charge. The page is also used by others to answer and help one another. Seeing that Paul was offering such a humble yet necessary service was a key driving factor in wanting to learn more about his approach to selling.

Integrity, honesty and pride in the service that is delivered by GSE puts hope back into listing your business with a hard working broker that gets results and knows the industry.

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