I Made $33,897 Last Month On Amazon!

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I Made $33,897 Last Month On Amazon!

Hi. My name is Rachel Trujillo.

"I used to be a busy professional. I ran and managed my own Chiropractic business with offices in Kenthurst and Rouse Hill, NSW. While I was making a great wage it was coming at a great cost. All of my time and energy was going to the business and I felt I didn't have time for me or my family. I have 4 daughters under the age of 13 so when I decided to make a change I looked for something I could do from home. More and more I noticed how much I bought things online. Whether it's through Amazon or other websites I found myself liking the ease of online shopping. I decided that the business I wanted to do was to also sell online as I knew that's the way business is going.

I decided I wanted a product that I could be passionate about. I have always been interested in nutrition and having four girls I want to make sure that they are healthy. I finally decided on this one: XXXXXXXXXX . Click on the link if you would like to check out my website. While my sales were initially steady selling through my website things really took off once Aliance showed me how to sell on Amazon. Here is a link to my product on Amazon: XXXXXXXXXX

What I loved about Amazon is that I did not have to send out the product to the customers. Amazon did all that for me. In fact once I got my product selling all I have to do now is spend a few of hours a week working on my business. I started with one product but now I have five. I hope to have 10 products on by the end of the year. I am on track to hit the 500k mark this year.

Last summer, my family went to New York for a month all paid for by my product. For that whole time I was away, my new business just kept running. Customers would buy products on my website and on Amazon, and Amazon would send out the products. Every 2 weeks Amazon would put money into my account. I have no office or store rent to pay, no employees to manage and pay, no royalty and best of all NO BOSS. This is truly the best business to be in. It's fun too. I have set up my phone now so everytime I get a sale it gives be a beep. Nothing is better than taking my kids for bike ride and my phone beeps letting me know I have made more money.

Now when I started I knew nothing about importing or websites or even how to sell on Amazon. That didn't matter. Aliance can help you with all of that. There are 1000s of products out there to sell. Mine is just 1. What do you have to lose? Give them a try.

Rachel is just one of the people we have helped set up a successful online sales business. Who are we? We are Aliance Sourcing. We are a small sourcing/importing company (run by 3 Aussies based in China, USA and Sydney). We specialise in sourcing products from Chinese manufacturers and then supplying these products anywhere in the world. We can help you choose a product to sell, find that product for you and then arrange to have it sent either to you in Aussie or to Amazon in America (we deal with the Chinese suppliers on your behalf).

No matter your experience with eBay, you can start, or build up, an online business selling products on Amazon (the world's largest online retailer) in America from anywhere in Australia.

• You do NOT have to live in America

• You do NOT have to travel to China

• You do NOT have to spent time and money shipping items to America from Australia

• You do NOT have to handle or even physically see the products you are selling. (Amazon will warehouse it for you and every time you sell a product Amazon will ship it to the buyer for you. Learn about Amazon's fulfilment service here)

• You CAN continue to sell your products on eBay. So, if Rachel's story motivates and inspires you to act, we strongly recommend that you contact us to find out how we can help you. Here's what's on offer:

1. You sign up for our mentoring program. We provide live training and teach you how to identify products that will sell. We also have existing relationships with many factories in China so we bring product ideas to you.

2. We negotiate with Chinese factories and agents and help you source product from China

3. We organise to have your products sent directly to Amazon in America (For a small fee, Amazon will warehouse products for their sellers – you pay Amazon not us)

4. We teach you how to create a listing on Amazon that works (we teach you how to use key words so you can rise in rankings)

5. We provide ongoing mentoring and support. We don't leave you in the lurch.

6. Whenever you sell an item Amazon sends the product to the buyer for you (this is part of their Fulfillment service - XXXXXXXXXX )

7. Amazon puts the money from the sale (minus their cut) into your bank account.

8. You haven't left Aussie (or even your home) and you are now making $US money.

The cost of the training/mentoring (Webinars, product selection, Amazon set up and ongoing support) is USD$1980 (AU$2600). There are no other monthly fees or annual fees.

Alternatively, you could sign up for our US$549 (AU$769) package. This includes:

• We will send you an exclusive 2 hour training video training on how to choose products that will sell well on Amazon and other online platforms.

• We will send you lists of hot products that we have already sourced from trusted factories in China that you might like to consider selling on Amazon or eBay.

• We will then assign you a member of our staff in China that will work directly with you and get quotes for you on the products that you are interested in.

• We help you import your product and deal with freight forwarders and customs.

• We will send you a training video on how to set up an Amazon account and how best to sell your product online.

There are no other monthly fees or annual fees.

Phone XXXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXX  to ask any questions or to sign up to get started.

Visit our website at XXXXXXXXXX

We also have a page specifically for Australians on our website at XXXXXXXXXX
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