4 Tips for Business Owners in 2022

by James Parkinson from Personnel Checks 10th of January, 2022
4 Tips for Business Owners in 2022

Many businesses have been agile and receptive to the changes that have been essential in the last couple of years, and as we step into 2022 it is important to keep momentum and strength. 

We are all now familiar with the new ways of working whether it be remote, hybrid or with safety precautions. 

Below are some tips that can help you improve your business now that your post-pandemic foundations are in place.

1. Employee Engagement

Employee engagement goes hand in hand with employee retention, and at a time when many industries are experiencing mass resignations, it is important to keep communication open with your team.

Real feedback is one of the most useful things to gather when trying to improve employee engagement. Run frequent pulse surveys to understand how people are feeling. Keep them anonymous so people can respond honestly and allow you to identify early if any potential communication issues may affect employee engagement.

2. Set Short Term Goals

Building in short term goals will bring a sense of achievement that can inspire teams to stay motivated - If we only focus on long term plans, they can start to feel insurmountable. By breaking goals down into smaller, bitesize steps, you are far more likely to achieve them.

Make sure you don’t set too many - ensure that you review any that you've set, and then establish new goals as the current set are achieved. 


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3. The Importance of SEO

Increasing web traffic through organic search should already be a key part of any digital advertising strategy, and this will become increasingly important in 2022. SEO is constantly evolving, and businesses need to keep up with changes, ensuring their strategy makes the most of new developments.

Trends we expect to see next year include a focus on optimising content for voice search, a shift towards more interactive content and a further increase in the use of good quality video content.

4. Customer Experience

Your customer's online experience reflects the potential of repeat business and loyalty. Your website has to be a priority and not forget the importance of your mobile site.

Rather than designing for desktop then optimising for mobile, all elements should be focused on how visuals, messaging and functionality works across all devices.

Mobile traffic is expected to be around 80% during 2022 and so the customer's experience shouldn’t be an afterthought.


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