5 Digital Marketing Mistakes you Need to Avoid

by Tracy Sheen 11th of June, 2022
5 Digital Marketing Mistakes you Need to Avoid

For the last 30 years, I’ve been working with business owners to overcome technophobia and get the most out of marketing technology in their businesses.

When I started in 1990 I could never have imagined we would see people search on Google over 3.5 Billion times every day. Yet, here we are. 95% of all customer enquiries start with an organic online search. The quickest way to lose relevance with your customers is to make it difficult for them to discover your business when they’re looking for solutions. 

Because digital marketing is constantly changing I’ve collated the top 5 mistakes business owners are making (so far) in 2022.



Mistake 1: Crowdsourcing your digital marketing advice


Asking your mates for their advice on your digital marketing is like asking a plumber to check your weird-looking mole. 

You know they aren’t qualified to give you an opinion and you just wouldn’t ask. So why are you posting on social media with your digital marketing questions?

Just like you’d only ask an accountant for advice on your financials, only get advice on your marketing from the experts in that space. It’s the only way to find out what’s right for your business and your customers.


Mistake 2: Having tone-deaf marketing


Over the last two years, people have been smashed by generic, irrelevant emails that seemed oblivious to their situation.

While EDM (electronic direct mail) has a key role in digital marketing, there is no room for laziness with your audience.

Take the time to really understand and segment your email database. Lean into the technology that ensures you’re creating strategic and relevant content. This is what keeps your audiences engaged and wanting to hear from you.

Oh, and the same goes for your social media posts. If your clients are doing it tough because of an external situation don’t try to sell to them. Be there for them, acknowledge what they’re going through and offer support or content that will add value to them. Our clients remember those who support them when they need it.


Mistake 3: Ignoring the clients you already have


I keep seeing business owners who are constantly trying to add new people to their list, while they ignore existing clients or people who’ve previously engaged with them.

In fact, according to Invesp, it costs 5x more to attract a new client than it does to sell to an existing one. And, existing clients are 50% more likely to try a new product as compared to 31% of new clients.

It’s taken time, money and effort to build those contacts so don’t leave them out in the cold while you chase new butterflies. Create targeted communication that shows how much you value them for being a past client. And remember, people can be on your list for years before they buy.



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Mistake 4: Pushing people down a marketing funnel


I’m absolutely gobsmacked that in 2022 some marketing companies are still talking about funnels. 

Whatever way you slice it, if you put people into a funnel they drop out the other end. I don’t know about you but I don’t want anyone to drop out. Instead, think of a wheel that constantly comes back around to meet people, wherever they are.

When you’re creating assets for your digital marketing, you need to consider the various stages your customers move through and create content that meets their needs at each point. Whether they’re ‘just looking’, are ready to purchase or are existing clients who want to buy more or refer you, you don’t want to leave anyone behind.

Mistake 5: Thinking one size fits all

For a while, it was acceptable to create one piece of content and then share it across all of your social media platforms.

I’ve never been convinced that’s a smart move, and research is beginning to indicate that our clients don’t like it either. Take the time to tailor your content to suit the different platforms and the people who use each one. We all enjoy the feeling that a business created something just for us.


Your big takeaway

The big takeaway from the last couple of years is this: we’re now all in the community building business. Everything you do with your digital marketing needs to engage and attract people to join your community. 

The businesses I observed doing better during the pandemic had a community around them; a group of people who, as a colleague said, “will fight to keep your business alive”. Smart businesses consistently engage with their community with a variety of content across different mediums, providing relevant information for their people at every stage of the buying cycle.

People are tired of faceless brands; they’re looking for the real personalities behind the businesses they interact with and purchase from. Make sure your business is one that people believe is worth staying connected to.

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 Tracy Sheen

Tracy Sheen

Tracy Sheen is a small business digital trainer, certified practising marketer and author of Australia’s 2021 business book of the year The End of Technophobia.


Tracy is a 30-year veteran of small business marketing and technology who is passionate about helping close the digital divide in Australia.