6 Businesses Founded by Kids

by Julie Medeiros 20th of February, 2023
6 Businesses Founded by Kids
6 Businesses Founded by Kids

Entrepreneurship trends are on the rise not only among grownups, but also among children. With more and more parents venturing to start their own business, kids experience the stock stored in the garage and around the house, parents working their own hours, frustrations when things don’t work, and celebrations that come with every milestone of the new enterprise.

In fact, entrepreneurship is recognised as a fundamental skill to thrive in future work. As a parent and a teacher, I see huge potential of empowering children to learn about business during school years. As a business professional, I believe that kid entrepreneurship has amazing power to ignite a spark of learning beyond the classroom and connect school subjects to real life.

And while commercial education is not a part of most school curricula yet, there are children who venture, challenge and come up with creative solutions at a young age. With parent’s involvement and supervision, these kid businesses are a great example that everyone can make a difference, no matter how old they are.


1. ZolliCandy by Alina (started a business at 8)

The idea of making natural, sugar free lollipops was prompted by Alina’s trip to the bank with her dad when a bank teller gave her a lollipop which she knew was not good for her teeth as it was packed with sugar. Eight years on, and ZolliCandy is the best-selling sugar free, healthy candy in the United States.


2. Bistro Morgan by Morgan (started a business at 15)


When he was just 7, Morgan’s fascination by culinary creations he watched on popular Masterchef TV show brought him to the family kitchen. Every weekend he cooked three-course meals for his parents and grandparents, and later on for his extended family. After holding his first Sweets and Treats home bake sale at the age of 9, Morgan mad a trip to a local café to offer some samples. He soon became a sole supplier of all freshly baked sweet treats. This led him to the decision to launch Bistro Morgan - the iconic Melbourne bakehouse, when he was in Year 9.


3. BeYOUtibul by Hannah (started a business at 8)

Hannah never thought of a business until one day her dad posed a challenge to make her own bath bombs instead of buying them from a store. Hannah’s BeYOUtoful entrepreneurial journey started on the same day with ingredients research. Within weeks, her products hit the shelves of a local gift shop.  Today, Hannah is 14 years old and despite a chronic disease she is determined to achieve all her dreams!


4. Isabella Rose Taylor by Isabella (started a business at 8)

Isabella’s passion for painting helped her become a young entrepreneur selling her works through a prestigious gallery. In just a few years, she launched her designer collection of clothes which was sold throughout the country. Later on, she partnered with Pottery Barn Teen to design interior décor and furniture for teens. Her interest in the concept of “business as a force of good” resonates with many aspiring young entrepreneurs.


5. Me And The Bees Lemonade by Mikaila (started a business at 4)


When Mikaila was 4 years old, she was stung by a bee. Around the same time she was gifted a cookbook with her grandmother’s special recipe for flaxseed lemonade. However instead of adding only sugar, she added honey. And this is how the business idea was born. Today, Me and Bees Lemonade comes in different flavours and can be found at major grocers.


6. Maddie Rae’s Slime Making by Maddie (started a business at 11)

Maddie’s obsession with making slime brought her to a craft shop where she could not find any glue! Without much hesitation, she decided to make her own glue specifically for slime. A year later Maddie Rae's Slime Making kits were sold on Amazon and in retail stores. Maddie’s message to young entrepreneurs is “Be creative, innovate and inspire!”

With parents’ guidance and support, any child can start a business of their own if they have interest in pursuing what they like. Perhaps, your local suburb has similar examples? If not, why not encourage your child find something they are passionate about and share their ideas with young entrepreneurs while making their own money?

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