6 tips to consider when buying a dry cleaning business

by 13th of March, 2020

At Bsale, we have dozens of dry cleaning businesses for sale at any one time. Buying a dry cleaning business is a popular choice around Australia, particularly in metropolitan areas, but what are some of the things you need to consider when buying a dry cleaner? 

We spoke with Tracy Holmes from Coastal Commercial Business Agents about 6 considerations when buying a dry cleaning business. 

1. The Customer is Everything

As with any business, the customer is everything when it comes to a dry cleaning business. Customers are trusting you with their very expensive, sentimental or everyday garments. They need to feel assured that their pieces will be treated with care and not misplaced or ruined under your care. Building a strong relationship with customers is crucial to build this trust and ensure customer loyalty.

2. Be Prepared to Work

A common misconception about buying an existing business is that it will be easy and everything will work out. The truth is, you have to put in the hard work and be willing to do what you can to make the business a success. A dry cleaner is no different. Keeping on top of deadlines and meeting client expectations is key. 

3. Get the Family Involved

A dry-cleaning business is a great environment for a family-run business. There are a lot fo mother/daughter, father/son, husband/wife teams out there and that’s because this style of business allows people to upskill in certain areas, as well as interchange their roles accordingly. 

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4. Prior Experience not Necessary

A benefit to buying a dry-cleaning business is you don’t need prior experience. Usually, the previous owner will happily provide training as part of the purchase which proves to be helpful in determining the day-to-day operations of the business. Most other aspects of the business are easy enough for any business savvy person to climatize to. 

5. Specialty Service 

A dry-cleaning business can be marketed as a specialized business for formal wear or wedding attire, for example. Choosing a niche or a specialty will help set you apart from competitors and built trust with new and existing clientele. 

6. Suits a professional 

This business suits a professional who is keen to provide a high level of customer service. It’s a real business that has real business prospects. Taking pride in your work and caring for your customers is key to this business success.

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