7 Businesses for Sale From Coast To Country in South West WA

by Catherine Mangana 26th of April, 2024
7 Businesses for Sale From Coast To Country in South West WA
7 Businesses for Sale From Coast To Country in South West WA

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Southwest Western Australia lie vibrant towns like Albany, Mandurah, and Bunbury, each offering a unique blend of economic opportunities, cultural experiences, and businesses for sale. Businesses play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of this region, fostering innovation, creating employment opportunities, and driving local economies forward.

In recent years, Southwest Western Australia has witnessed a surge in diverse small businesses ranging from quaint cafes and boutique stores to innovative tech startups and eco-friendly business. According to the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) of Western Australia, small businesses constitutes over 97% of all businesses in the state, highlighting their significant contribution to the economy. In particular, Albany, with its burgeoning tourism industry and agricultural sector, offers the ideal place for hospitality businesses, artisanal food producers, and eco-tourism businesses to thrive.

Similarly, Mandurah, situated along the stunning coastline, boasts a booming marine industry, making it an ideal location for boat charter services, waterfront cafes, and recreational activities. Meanwhile, Bunbury, dubbed as the 'City of Three Waters' for its strategic location at the meeting point of the Collie, Preston, and Leschenault rivers, presents opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics, attracting business owners looking to tap into these sectors.

Beyond the economic prospects, owning a business in the South Western region of beautiful Western Australia allows individuals to become integral parts of their communities, fostering connections and contributing to local development initiatives. Add in the fact that owning your own businesses often provides flexibility and autonomy, this allows owners to pursue their passions while making a meaningful impact on their community.

Here are some businesses currently available for sale in Southwest Western Australia.


1. Thriving South West Exclusive Dealership


  • Business Type: Outdoor power equipment dealership specializing in high-end brands.
  • Strong Relationships: Maintains long-standing relationships and sole agency agreements with major suppliers.
  • Customer Base: Boasts approximately 5,800 customers, with 60% repeat business and diversified sales distribution.
  • Market Position: Holds exclusive status as the sole dedicated outdoor equipment supplier and service center in the region, offering a comprehensive range of products and services.
  • Financials: Reports a healthy net profit of $247,000, backed by $400,000 in stock, $100,000 in plant & equipment, and $75,000 in goodwill.

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2. Roadhouse And Profitable Trading Business With Liquor License


  • Business Type: Well-established roadhouse and trading business with multiple revenue streams.
  • Profitability: Profitable for over a century with diversified revenue streams including grocery provisions, liquor, and tobacco sales.
  • Tourist Attraction: Located on a major tourist route linking Denmark with Albany and the lower southwest, offering fuel, refreshments, take-away hot foods, and tourist services.
  • Expansion Potential: Fully equipped kitchen allows for the expansion of food varieties and automatic self-serve coffee options.
  • Property Included: Includes a spacious 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home situated on 2 freehold properties totaling 2026 sq meters, offering comfortable living near the ocean.
  • Ownership Opportunity: Ideal for a couple seeking to own both a comfortable home and a profitable business, or for migrants seeking to invest in a home and business for visa requirements.
  • Retirement Sale: Owners retiring after 24 successful years of trading, presenting a unique opportunity for new ownership to continue and grow the business.

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3. Award Winning Established Tour Business


  • Business Type: Award-winning tour business established in February 2019, offering day trips to wineries, breweries, sightseeing, and special events.
  • Flexible Lifestyle: Home-based with low fixed costs, allowing for a balanced lifestyle. Choose your operating days/hours and personalize the business to your style.
  • Assets Included: Includes a Toyota Commuter (14-seater) vehicle with low mileage and excellent condition, along with guest database, established website, venue contacts, social media accounts, and industry memberships.
  • Recognition and Accreditations: Recognized by industry bodies such as WA Tourism Council and awarded by Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry for business excellence.
  • Support and Training: Owner offers two weeks of training and support, providing comprehensive knowledge transfer for smooth takeover.
  • Skills Required: Organized, energetic, people-oriented, computer literate, sales-oriented, and proficient in social media. Driver's license is essential.
  • Retirement Sale: Sole director retiring after five successful years, presenting an opportunity for a new owner to step in and continue the business's success.

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4. City Barbers Shop



  • Business Type: Profitable barber shop located in the heart of Bunbury's Central Business District, boasting an immaculate fit-out and prestigious ambiance.
  • Opportunity: Own a profitable business, operate from a modern, well-fitted salon, and be your own boss while capitalizing on an established clientele.
  • Location: Prime location ensures access to a loyal customer base and walk-in traffic, with exceptional attention to detail in the salon's decor.
  • Clientele: Long-established and well-patronized, with loyal support from repeat clientele, presenting a lucrative opportunity for barbers or hairdressers looking to own and run their business.
  • Benefits: Immaculately presented premises provide an attractive setting for both customers and business owners, with the potential for further growth and success in the thriving barbering industry.

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5. Thriving Beauty Clinic


  • Business Type: Well-established Beauty and Cosmetic Services Clinic deeply rooted in the local community for over seven years, renowned for excellence and innovation.
  • Ownership Opportunity: Ideal for professionals with a background in beauty or nursing, offering a turnkey operation with a robust team of 15 experienced professionals.
  • Services Offered: Comprehensive range of beauty treatments including nail care, skincare, therapeutic massages, and advanced cosmetic injectables administered by registered nurses and dermal specialists.
  • Financial Performance: Demonstrates impressive financial growth, surpassing $500,000 in turnover in FY 2022 and projected to reach $750,000 in FY 2023, with efficient operational costs ensuring substantial return on investment.
  • Ownership Model: Designed for efficiency and flexibility, requiring minimal owner involvement (20 hours weekly) and offering potential for remote management, facilitated by skilled existing managers, ensuring uninterrupted success.
  • Opportunity: More than just a business transaction, represents an opportunity for passionate individuals in beauty or nursing to step into a profitable venture with rapid return on investment and potential for continued growth and success.

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6. Profitable Heating And Air Conditioning Retailer


  • Business Type: Established Heating and Air Conditioning Retailer Business operating under a trusted brand for over 35 years, located in Mandurah, Western Australia.
  • Operations: Specializes in retailing, installing, and servicing home heating and cooling systems, with consistent year-on-year growth and annual sales exceeding $3.2 million.
  • Showroom and Facilities: Features a modern interactive showroom allowing customers to experience products firsthand, along with ample warehouse storage for inventory and customer convenience.
  • Community Engagement: Actively involved in the local community through sponsorship of sporting teams, resulting in strong support from local builders and residents.
  • Key Financial Data: Achieved $3,215,861 in sales revenue in FY 2023, with a net profit of $276,120 to one owner working in the business. 

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7. Caravan Repairs And Service Business


  • Business Type: Caravan Repairs and Service Workshop located in Bunbury, catering to caravan owners preparing for long trips around Australia.
  • Reputation: Highly reputable business known for its excellent service, attracting traveling "Nomads" seeking repairs and services during their journeys.
  • Ownership Transition: Current owners are retiring and have priced the business for a quick sale, with negotiable pricing.
  • Expert Staff: Employs knowledgeable staff with a strong understanding of the caravan industry, capable of servicing any brand or style of caravan to a high standard.
  • Opportunity: Ideal for a hands-on individual looking to operate a successful and fulfilling business in the caravan industry, benefiting from an established reputation and loyal customer base.

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