Benefits of buying a ‘work-from-home’ franchise

by James Young 5th of November, 2019

The great thing about franchising in Australia is the multiple business types and versatile models that operate as franchise systems. From restaurants and hotels, online businesses and cleaning services to outdoor maintenance and rental businesses - franchising covers a range of industries and positively impacts the country’s economy and growth.

One of the main reasons why people choose to become a franchisee, is based on the fact that it is a proven concept. It’s widely accepted that buying a franchise offers reduced risk, provides ongoing training and marketing support and also can be profitable after a certain period of time – giving new franchisees hope of similar success. Owning a franchise can also provide flexibility in certain business models.

More and more franchisors are choosing to highlight the work-from-home opportunity as a key selling point. If you’re tired of commuting on public transport or bored of the 9-5 office environment, or perhaps you’re investigating different options that will allow you to be closer to home or give you more time with the family - a work-from-home franchise business could be the answer! It combines the flexibility of running your own calendar and creating your own
work-life balance with opportunities to build a regular income and operate a successful business in the comfort of your own home (or holiday home).

If you’re one of those people searching for a new business opportunity that gives you more freedom and lets you determine your own work schedule, then a home-based franchise opportunity could be just right for you.

We uncover the benefits of being a ‘work-from-home’ boss!

Brand awareness

You can still be seen and attract customers whilst working in a home environment. Just because your business is based at home it doesn’t mean you will have less brand identity. Work-from-home franchises provide strong branding including a professional website, marketing material, uniform or branded vehicles. In fact, company vehicles are fantastic for brand recognition! You will still have all of the marketing support to help you grow your franchise business.

More family time

Do you ever feel like you’re out and about too much and always in a rush? Owning a franchise that allows you to work from home means that you save time on commuting thus, you are able to spend more time at home with the family. What’s more, avoiding the typical rush hour commute will put you in a better mood for the day.

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Saves money

As well as saving time, you can save money on travel costs such as petrol, car wear and tear and public transport. You’ll be surprised how expensive commuting can be. In addition, running a home-based franchise business will allow you to make huge savings by avoiding store fit-out, premises, equipment and stock holding costs.

No leases or locked-in contracts

Some franchise businesses are based in a store or other premises that require a signed lease or rental agreement. This means the size of your business is fixed to the size of the space and if you have a long-term lease, you are locked into a certain location. Working from home means you won’t be tied into these types of contracts.

Greater flexibility

Operating your own work-from-home franchise means that you can choose your hours and create a personalised work schedule to suit your lifestyle. You’ll be more productive than ever! Here’s a pro for parents- you’ll have the flexibility to work around the daily school run or the after school club drop-offs, making life a little bit easier for you.

To sum up

Along with pursuing your passion, and investing in a new challenge, one of the main reasons individuals and partners look to buy a franchise, is to take control and become a business owner. If you want less of a commute, reduced costs, more family time and more control, why not consider franchises that allow you to work from home. You can run your own show and have even more freedom and flexibility. This is the great thing about starting your franchise journey- you can take the time to make sure you pick the perfect franchise for you and consider all factors including the work-from-home element.

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