Business Visa Update – New Laws Effect 1st July 2021

by LINK Business 14th of February, 2022
Business Visa Update – New Laws Effect 1st July 2021

Buying a business can give you the opportunity to move to Australia and obtain permanent residency. LINK Business Brokers highlights some changes to the 188 Visa Scheme for NSW and the trends they are seeing with buyers. 


Sabrina – LINK Business Broker -


Liquor Stores and supermarkets are popular with immigration/visa buyers. Here are a few reasons to explain their popularity:

  • They are an essential business
  • they had shown strong growth during pandemic period
  • whatever the condition of economy, people have to eat and drink
  • this underlying demand support the stability of the business, for example most of these businesses performed extremely well during lockdown
  • Asset value is high as bottle shop and supermarket usually operate with high stock levels
  • this will help qualify the minimum investment amount request
  • liquor has a long shelf life, so buyers see more reserve value for the stock
  • little labour to run, a typical bottle shop can be run by 1-2 staff. Immigrants may have language barriers, so it is challenging for them to have too many staff to manage, so they prefer a simplified business model.
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  Sydney Rest of Australia
Age Under 50 years Under 55 years
Business Turnover $1.25M AUD $750K AUD
Personal & Business Assets $1.75 AUD   $1.25M AUD




  • Based on existing business, generally overseas
  • Turnover assessed can be any 2 of the past 4 financial years
  • Personal and Business Assets can include partner/spouse assets as well
  • Business Ownership does not require to be 100% shareholding
  • This is a simple table of the eligibility criteria, there are further specific criteria that also must be adhered to


Visa 188 Details


  • Advantages
    No COVID Travel Ban
    No Initial Investment Required
    No IELTS Required
  • Visa Validity        
    5 years (extendable to 8 years)
  • Work Rights        
    Full Work & Business Rights
  • Travel            
    Full Travel RightsFamily            
    Family included
  • Permanent Residency    
    Establish or Acquire a Business for 3 years to qualify for PR

Transition to PR


  Sydney Rest of Australia
Business Investment $500K AUD $300K AUD
Ownership 3 years $3 years
Any 2 of the following $300K AUD in business assets, or 
$600K AUD n personal assets
$2x F/T employees
$200K AUD in business assets, or
$400K AUD in personal assets  
$2x F/T employees

NB: This is a simple table of the eligibility criteria, there are further specific criteria that also must be adhered to.


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Sally - LINK Business Broker (specialist in the health space) –


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Some of my vendors will only sell to international buyers due to the small pool of operators nationally in the plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery sector and the confidentiality required for a sale. If a business can be run under management, then the buyers don’t have to work in the business or have experience in the sector.
Whilst an overseas trained doctor (OTD) may struggle to get registration here as a clinician due to the extensive requirements from AHPRA to get assessed and registered in this country, a great option for an OTD is to buy a health business and manage it.
That way, they are still working in the field that they love potential at the same time that they are undertaking the requirements needed for registration as a physician. 


Amit – LINK Business Broker - 


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As of January 2021, there are more than 20 million registered vehicles in Australia. The country’s continued reliance on fossil fuel means that petrol stations or service stations represent a fairly low-risk investment; delivering a steady flow of revenue & profit over a typically long lease. 
A service station with a convenience store or a bottle shop is an ‘easy to operate’ business without the need of any special skills or training. Perfectly suited as a family operated business, ownership of a service station can provide a reliable source of steady income along with provisions of permanent residency visa for the family.




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