If you're looking for a business to buy - Bsale can help

by 14th of February, 2020


If you’re like many Australians who have the dream of buying a business it can become a reality with Bsale. Whether you have dabbled in business before, are a successful business owner or have a side hustle but are looking for another business to buy, we have got you covered. 


Bsale has been connecting business owners with buyers since 2000. That’s over 20 years of connecting the dots between a small business that is for sale and a buyer who wants to invest and become an owner. We coined the term ‘buy your next business with bsale’ because we realise most business owners are always on the hunt looking for another business to buy, another adventure to take on. 


If you’re looking for a business to buy in NSW, QLD, VIC or any where in Australia we have options for you. Finding the right business is the tricky part. Everyone has a different skill set, different experience and every business they are looking to purchase comes with its own specific circumstances. It’s like a massive apple farm and how do you know which is the perfect apple for you?


Defining what you are looking for in a business is the first step, here is a good way to narrow down what business is best for you. 


  1. Where do you want to live? 

If you are going to own a business, are you happy with a 2 hour commute? Was the purpose of buying the business for a lifestyle change or to increase your income? Determining the distance you are willing to travel for work is an important one. 


  1. What type of business do you want to buy? 

With 10,000+ listings on bsale, there are so many different types of business. What are your skills and experience? What do you have to offer a business that you purchase? The professionals always suggest you buy a business you have experience in. Jumping industries can be risky. 


  1. Who do you want to work with? 

Will the business you purchase had a small team that relies on the current workforce or do you intend to bring in family and friends to help run the business?


  1. When do you want to buy a business? 

Looking to buy a business doesn’t mean you have to buy tomorrow. The ideal business may not be on the market yet. The opportunity may not have arisen. So you need to be prepared to wait for that business. 


So if you're on the revolving wheel of looking for a business to purchase, rest assured you're not alone. Plenty of people spend months, even years, looking at businesses for sale and business opportunities. People often change their mind on the location of the business, the type, the size and so on. It's a big decision that is to be made. The only path to success is to never give up and to continue your search until you find your next business to buy.