International Women’s Day 2020

by 3rd of March, 2020


Each year, International Women’s Day is centered around a theme. This year, the theme is #EachforEqual: An equal world is an enabled world.


As a business started by women, handed down through generations of women, a business that employs women, and works with women business owners every single day, we are big believers in this movement. Not for special rights or treatment, not for a pat on the back or unwarranted praise. For equality. Plain and simple.


As so perfectly outlined on the International Women’s Day website, this day is about more than just supporting women...


We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements.


Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender-equal world.


Let's all be #EachforEqual.


Being in the business of business, we wanted to share some of our favourite business women’s stories about #IWD, business and more.


Zoe Foster Blake 

Founder Go-To Skincare, Author. 


“It is with shame and regret that I confess my deep affection, respect, admiration and wholehearted love for women wasn’t always at 180%, as it is today. When I was young, and unsure of myself, and insecure, and had tricky boyfriends, I was intimidated and threatened by women, and would all too easily slide into fear-driven bitching and nastiness because of this. It took being genuinely confident and happy in myself before I could appreciate women to their full extent, and understand that we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and more than anything, comprehend that women really NEED other women. I’ve since lassoed a magnificent collection of ladies into my life, both personal and professional, and adoring, supporting, championing and respecting ALL women feels imperative to me. I write for women, I create products for women, I teach women (mascara tricks but still), and I have a deep-seated and growing desire to help women. In short: I love women. Boy oh BOY, do I love women! Here’s to celebrating, liberating and empowering them. Including the one reading this. "#internationalwomensday


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister New Zealand


“[We’ll know we’ve done it] when gender does not feature in the minds of young women in New Zealand. A time when they're born in New Zealand and they don't think about the fact that they'll earn less. Where they don't consider whether there is a job they could or couldn't do, because of their gender. That they won't question whether or not they will be less safe in their home, in their relationships, in their communities and when they walk at night.


If she thinks only about her hopes, aspirations and her goals and her gender doesn't feature in that, that to me will be the moment when we can truly, truly celebrate.


As long as we have a country where women are over-represented in intimate partner violence; as long as we have women over-represented in low-paid work; as long as we have a gender pay gap, I think probably of all us will only celebrate to a certain degree, while we know there is work to be done."


Vanessa Lovie



“When I read that only 35% of business owners are female, and this number has only risen 4% in the last 2 decades - I was shocked. 


I hear and see so many women doing wonderful things in business, yet they seem to be representing such a minority. Only 20% of board-room decisions have a female voice. It made me wonder why women are hesitating about going into business and why they have such limited positions of power. As a female business owner, when you own a business you can create such a good lifestyle for yourself and your family. 


I hope in the next decade we see that percentage improve - with more women at the helm of businesses across Australia. #eachforequal”