Retro Diner Brings a Community Together

by Caitlin Mary 6th of April, 2022
Retro Diner Brings a Community Together

This unique retro diner is located just an hour's drive south of Perth, in the small rural town of Pinjarra, a popular day-trip destination for tourists due to its proximity to the Murray region and the hinterland.

When the current owner Bronwen bought the business, it was originally a simple cafe deli, which coincidentally she found for sale on Bsale. 

Fascinated by the retro aesthetic, Bronwen transformed the cafe into a unique retro-themed diner. 

“I love the music and I play it on the jukebox in the diner. I just love that era. The TV shows like Fonzie and stuff like that, they seem to have a lot of fun and everybody loves it.” Bronwen said.

The diner is decorated in records and memorabilia, completely fitted out to the retro theme and known for serving comfort food.

“We’ve got two cafes in town that offer healthy organic menus. Mine is fast food, burgers, toasties.” Bronwen said. 

Describing Pinjarra as a “close-knit community, a small little town”, one of the biggest strengths of living and working in a small country town is the community.

“I didn’t live here before I bought the cafe, but now I can walk down the street and I have friends, now I’m a local,” Bronwen said. 

As the diner is currently only open on weekdays, there is a huge scope for growth for the new buyer, with the potential for extended opening hours and exploring a variety of takeaway options.

While seated dining was not permitted for periods of time during the last 2 years due to covid regulations, Bronwen said that pivoting during this time to offering takeaway options, the diner was able to make a profit. 

“I haven’t stopped trading at all through covid, I stayed open the whole time,” Bronwen said, going on to say that when the big trains from Adelaide stopped coming through and stock was low everywhere, she made homemade meals.


“I tried to make hot meals for people who can’t get stock, just to help them out a bit. You look after the community."

“The interaction you have with the customers, they become friends, when I do leave that is something I am going to miss, the customers more than anything.” Bronwen went on to describe the cafe originally as being “clinical and sterile” but she has turned it into a fun and warm diner.

Every item in the diner is owned outright which means there are no rental or hire purchase agreements in place for the new owner.

“The stock is worth $180,000 and the price is very negotiable. I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do, it’s time for somebody else to take over.”.

This well-established business, well known for its good food, best coffee in town, is perfect for somebody looking for the opportunity to settle down in a country town, set up roots and become a local somewhere.

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