Showing your Customers Some Love this Valentines

by 14th of February, 2016

It can be easy to get cynical about some annual holidays, but judging by the amount we spend each year you can say one thing about Valentine's Day – Australians love to celebrate love. According to IBISWorld research, in 2014 alone we spent almost $800 million on the occasion, a figure which is increasing.

For your business to make the most out of this bounteous time of year, you don't have to own a florist or jewellery store. Instead, why not consider some ways you add a little romance to your company and share your appreciation for your customers?

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Valentine's Day menus for cafes and restaurants

A huge proportion of Valentine's Day spending is on dining out, 34.6 percent according to Statistic Brain. If you are a restaurant owner, or are keeping an eye out for a cafe for sale, knowing how to offer seasonal services can result in satisfied clientele who will keep coming back to see what's next.

Valentine's Day is all about decadence and spoiling ourselves, so bring some of that spirit to a special menu. Offering deals for couples – think cocktails and oysters followed by lashings of chocolate desserts – can attract new diners and show that your cafe or restaurant is willing and able to adapt for special occasions. 

Thoughtful gifts for valuable customers

Showing appreciation for your clients can go beyond offering new romantic services. A great way to let people know your business cares is to offer small gifts related to particular holiday occasion throughout the year.

For example, adding a small, heart-shaped chocolate into orders from your online retailer, or included with your latest invoice, can bring a smile to the faces of your customers. It's these little touches that can separate you from competitors, particularly if you are a new business owner

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