I specialise in the sale of larger businesses - having sold a large business priced in the $50 to $100 million bracket and more recently sold a business priced in the $150 to $200 million bracket. Sales such as these take patience and expertise; and they do not happen overnight, but importantly they do happen! I particularly enjoy the process involved with these sales, from meeting the owners and gaining an in-depth understanding of their businesses through to finding the right buyer; however I am still happy to market and sell most businesses with a value of over $1 million.

My background covers nearly 35 years in the motor industry, and 5 in the export industry owning and operating our own businesses where sales skills were the necessary prerequisite, so moving into business sales came very naturally to me. I accepted the offer to become a business broker in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of my field, receiving industry accolades along the way. In conjunction with my wife Lynn and son Brett we opened Barker Business Brokerage in 2007 with a clear goal of providing and maintaining an honest and ethical business brokerage with the emphasis on our reputation and credibility. Judging from the very positive feedback we are receiving from vendors and customers, our goals are being realised.

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