With vast experience in international investment and trade, Sam brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Having established strong relationships with the Chinese government, Sam's insights into cross-border business are invaluable.

After immigrating to Australia in 2003, he immersed himself in various wholesale industries for over 5 years. His passion for real estate was ignited after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), leading to a successful 15-year career in the real estate sector.

After the COVID19 pandemic, lots of people’s lifestyles changed, so it is a good opportunity to reschedule your lifestyle… Find the best balance between your life and work. More and more baby boomers will retire in the coming 10 years, many young families are eager to look for a suitable business. Most of them lack this experience in finding a suitable business.

As a holder of a class 1 real estate license, Sam combines his professional background with entrepreneurial skills, making him a standout in the business brokerage industry.

Sam is known for his unwavering work ethic, integrity, and commitment to customer satisfaction. His extensive networking capabilities and willingness to share insights have contributed to his achievements.

Understanding the challenges of business owners, Sam's expertise is a game-changer. He is skilled in negotiating and communicating effectively with various ethnicities, making him the ideal agent for selling or buying a business.

If you're seeking Chinese buyers, Sam's Chinese heritage and language skills (he can speak Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese) gives you a competitive edge. Having conducted business in multiple countries, he is a true global communicator.

If you're ready to explore business opportunities, don't hesitate to contact Sam. Your success is his priority.

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