Li has graduated from the University of Finance and Economics in China.

She had been a sales manager in IBM Thinkpad PC for over 10 years in Beijing. She is engaged in sales work, always puts the needs of her customers first, providing customers with the most suitable products and the best service, which is the purpose she has always adhered to.
Hello. Li used to run a restaurant in the north of Brisbane. She has successfully sold out.

She has been recognized and praised by buyers and sellers many times.

She had experienced the hardship of starting a business and learning about new industries in Australia, so she is very aware of the plight of new immigrants.
She also made the restaurant business run successfully and made good benefits from it as well. She understands Australian society well by talking to and serving customers for over five years in the restaurant. As a former business owner, In the course of more than five years of successful business, she has profoundly realized how important it is for an investor to buy a suitable business from purchase to operation to successful sale.
Her aim is to use professional Business resources to find a business that suits you best. Her target is seller and buyer both happy.

Li is able to provide you both Mandarin and English services. Her success in business can make your business more successful. If you would like to make a private consultation on business transactions,

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