Network Infinity

Network Infinity

For years we have built a solid reputation in the industry simply because we do our job WELL, we treat each business as our own and put the pressure of selling on our shoulders, because we know, when you are looking to sell, it can come at a time where every day matters, whether it be a holiday, retirment, health reasons or new opportunities, once you have made the choice to move on theres no better way than to speak to us.

Always being honest and ethical has seen us succeed.

Why choose Network Infinity

  • Low up-front costs
  • Some of Australia’s most recognised companies choose to work with Network Infinity
  • Existing relationships with buyers across Australia and abroad
  • Face to face personalised service by licensed and professional business agents
  • Multi-level exposure across Australia
  • Pro-active sales force behind you
  • Dedicated agent appointed to selling your business
  • Highly experienced support to guide you through the selling process
  • Network Infinity covers all industries and sectors from I.T, fitness, food & beverage, automotive and more
  • We match your business with real buyers looking to buy a business like yours
  • Our unique structure allows our agents to be more pro-active in finding the right buyer for your business, allowing us to achieve a better end result for you

What to look for in your broker

It is important to work with and engage the services of the right people when trying to sell your business.

Selling a business is a very dynamic process.  There are many obstacles to overcome due to the nature of what is being sold.

A good agent has to work within the boundaries set upon them by both the business owners, the Intellectual properties they are selling or the position of a particular business all while maintaining strict confidentiality.  It is unlike almost any other sale, in fact a business agent’s job is to try and sell a secret.

This is where experience and relationships with buyers is essential.

Network Infinity agents are able to leverage their relationships with buyers and help sell your business the right way.

Why are we successful?

We constantly look at how we can improve our business which in turn helps us provide a better service to our clients.

We do not just list a business and let it sit there waiting for a buyer to stumble across it, we look at each businesses marketing success or failure regarding the enquiry levels and constantly look at ways that can help deliver a higher level of enquiries.


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