Northbridge Sales and Leasing Pty Ltd

Northbridge Sales and Leasing Pty Ltd

Like the north point on a compass, Northbridge Sales and Leasing will be your trusted bearing when you need guidance in selling, leasing or managing your property.

Drawing upon our broad range of experience in commercial real estate, we can help you navigate the complexities of selling and leasing property, without stress or fuss.

Led by experienced realtor Jason Stanley, Northbridge Sales and Leasing specialises in finding tenants from various industries who want your unique property.

Whether your property offers charming old-world interiors, exceptional built-in facilities, a buzzing central location, or anything in between, Jason is able to identify its selling points and connect you with the tenants or purchasers who want exactly what you’re offering.

Once a connection is made, he facilitates positive relationships between all parties, ensuring a seamless transition for all involved.

Well-travelled and fluent in both Italian and Indonesian, Jason has the distinct ability to adapt to his clients’ individual circumstances and provide them with a service that exceeds the standard industry offerings.

But his arsenal of skills doesn’t end there. His extensive network of professional contacts in South-east Asia enables him to provide detailed advice and assistance to anyone looking to expand into these markets.

Northbridge Sales and Leasing can also handle the management of your property portfolio, offer expert property investment advice, or manage the sale of your residential property by request.

Give Jason a call to discuss your specific needs — he’s always happy to help.


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