Advanced Fresh Concepts Pty Ltd

Advanced Fresh Concepts Pty Ltd

AFC is Australia’s largest sushi franchise business. We have over 140 franchisees that operate 180 locations across our nation.

Our reputation is built on providing convenient, restaurant quality sushi at affordable prices, using the highest quality ingredients.

Our sushi is prepared under strict systems and processes that ensure our customers receive safe and wholesome food every day.

We don’t believe in taking short cuts as it will only compromise the art and appreciation for sushi. Respecting the heritage of sushi and ingredients used in our products is central to our core values.

We pride ourselves on the development of applying best industry practices and adhering to our own comprehensive food safety and quality management systems.

Above all, we want our customers to celebrate and enjoy memorable moments whilst eating our sushi. The best moments in life usually involve food, family and friends. Make our sushi part of your next gathering!