Own an international Middle Eastern restaurant.

Azkadenya explores the fast-casual dining experience while immersing itself in an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant. The hospitality, cuisine, and culture of the Middle East are all at the heart of Azkadenya.

Investment Cost

Total investment cost: $400, 000 - $600, 000

Marketing Support
In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game with cut-through marketing concepts. As part of Azkadenya's marketing strategy, we focus on driving sales and building brand awareness. A combination of online and offline marketing channels, including a website and social media activity, is implemented through an omnichannel marketing approach.

Training Provided
Through our initial training program in our training facility, we ensure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to start and operate your business. As a result of Azkadenya's operations team, you will receive ongoing operational support, as well as coaching, mentoring, and coaching to help you optimise your business operations.

Skills Required
We’re looking for a partnership with people who are willing and able to use the tools we provide to build a successful business.

What you need:
● A culinary arts degree is highly advantageous.
● Sales and Marketing skills.
● Restaurant experience preferred.
● Willingness to be an owner-operator.
● A passion for excellent customer service
● Ability to be present and involved in the business experience.

Length of Agreement
5 + 5 years

About the Opportunity
Established in the Middle East, by Middle Eastern founders. Azkadenya explores the fast-casual dining experience while immersing itself in an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant. Embraced by all facets of Mideastern hospitality, cuisine, and culture, Azkadenya offers a variety of signature dishes cooked in a retro atmosphere that pays tribute to Middle Eastern 50s advertising. Azkadenya is a brand that operates under EAT Group, an innovative and forward- looking global restaurant group. Azkadenya first opened its vibrant doors amidst the global pandemic. The brand opened its flagship store in Toronto, Canada. Today, it bolsters 12+ outlets in eight countries in the Middle East and North America.

Through its success, the culture-rich brand now looks to expand its master plans throughout key territories in Australia. Azkadenya brings a wealth of knowledge and experience under EAT Group, with the hope of attracting high-calibre, like-minded franchise partners.

Benefits of owning an Azkadenya franchise

International Group
Azkadenya is run under the support and experience of EAT Group, an international group that operates 50+ outlets with customer interfaces under 27 distinct popular brands in over 14 cities and 3 continents. Eat group retains an international partnership with major companies such as Uber Eats. Franchisees will have guidance and support from a global support network, with various experience sets.

Low Competition
There is little competition in the Middle Eastern cuisine franchise market in Australia, making it an attractive franchise to buy! Azkadenya has definitely found its niche and with twelve successful restaurants already operating, this business is proving it can stand the test of time and expand rapidly.

Industry Growth
Australia is home to some of the best quality produce in the world, making Middle Eastern dishes not only possible but true to tradition as well. Azkadenya has grown through the Global pandemic, further cementing the demand for culturally rich middle eastern restaurants not only worldwide but in Australia as well.

Multi-Stream income
Azkadenya offers the opportunity to build extra revenue for franchise owners. Through the use of virtual businesses (ghost kitchens), franchisees can benefit from extra income streams. Virtual businesses offer advantages such as Low overhead costs, convenient online delivery, reduced risks and flexibility.

Azkadenya was founded under Omar Tabbaa and Zaid Abu-Soud, Omar is a seasoned Food entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the Food space. He has a passion for building the fastest-growing food experiences while primarily obsessing over our customers. Omar's mission in life is to ensure that EAT's customers are at the foundation of what we do as we continue to bring the most exciting restaurant experiences, cloud kitchen brands, multi-brand franchise concepts, and a community-focused food delivery application. Whilst Zaid is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and approach to business that seeks out change. He embraces critical thinking and innovation and continuously looks to improve everything we offer at EAT through digital enhancement, data analysis, and ease-of-operation making sure we get our great-tasting food into the hands of as many happy customers around the world as quickly as possible.

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