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Body Sculpting Clinics, the penthouse collection of beauty and aesthetics located in and around Sydney - specialise in treatments from the face, down. They are the industry leaders in select treatments that are innovatively revolutionary in non-
surgical, advanced and medical grade result-driven treatments, body sculpting, contouring and firming treatments on the body to achieve incredible results.

Each clinic is architecturally designed with Venetian fibre curved fit-outs, European artisanal-timber floorboards, and right down to the finer details, the aroma is infused with signature scented candles that exaggerates the sense of a personalised customer experience that guests love. They are Australia’s most trusted clinic backed by a medical team, driving best practice with TGA registered medical devices.

Body Sculpting Clinics is all about showcasing a professional and premium brand to their clients, where the brand will speak for itself when it comes to its service offerings. The brand has been defined over the years and is known for its professional approach and world-class design. The brand embodies the culture and people of the business and also highlights the passion and drive for business success.

This is the time for you to join the future of a premium beauty brand and experience owning a business that delivers world-class services specialising in non-surgical treatments for the people of today.

We are looking for motivated and dedicated franchise partners to join the Body Sculpting Clinics network and take our premium services to new heights.


Benefits of owning a Body Sculpting Clinics business

  • Technology & Software

Franchise partners will be provided with the necessary tools and systems to run their business effectively and efficiently. All technology and software is agile and best in class - the team have invested in leading technology and systems to increase business performance.

  • Industry Growth

Body Sculpting Clinics is the leader of a growing industry and is positioned to continue to be the first choice for new body sculpting and advanced skin and face treatments. Franchise partners will benefit from ongoing demand for specialised non-surgical treatments and benefit from their continued innovation.

  • Design

Body Sculpting Clinics provides a joint-venture model, ensuring success for everyone involved. The business model allows interested and suitable partners the opportunity to become part of this rapidly growing industry, worth more than $1 billion.

  • Turnkey Ready

The founders of Body Sculpting Clinics are able to allow the franchise partners to experience a stress-free start to their business with the help of a team of experts which manage the creation of the clinics, staff recruitment and the setup of the medical grade devices boasting a competitive edge.

  • Innovative brand

Body Sculpting Clinics is all about pioneering the innovative technology in the beauty industry, offering non-surgical treatments, backed by a medical team using TGA registered medical devices, the Body Sculpting Clinics team will
continue to evolve.

Skin care products are locally produced and all medical grade treatments available at larger specialist clinics are treated by certified doctors and dedicated nurses.

Body Sculpting Clinics prides themselves with keeping up with the current trends of technology by installing AI capabilities and a frictionless customer experience that’s very data orientated.

Join an innovative brand and fast-track your success.

Body Sculpting Clinics is extending its search for franchise partners to successfully grow its sophisticated franchise network in key cities located in New South Wales and capital cities across Australia.

Franchise Opportunities
New South Wales and capital cities across Australia

Starting from $300,000 - $400,000. ($350,000 includes a 50% contribution share).


Founded in 2017, Body Sculpting Clinics opened its first doors in inner Sydney, NSW introducing just a handful of beauty treatments and ensuring that the customer experience and business performance was at the forefront of their success.

Twelve months later, the team transitioned to set up clinics in North Sydney and later expanded to the popular Bondi Junction, North Ryde, NSW’s second CBD, Parramatta and a sixth clinic opening in regional NSW mid-November creating their own ecosystem across cities with competitive markets and diverse populations.

Being the first to the industry, they introduced expansions to their non-surgical treatments with continued innovation, Body Sculpting Clinics quickly became the
cosmetic industry leaders in Australia, an industry worth more than $1 billion and ever growing.

Training and Support
Body Sculpting Clinics will offer all franchise partners tailored technical training as well as practical training through shadowing experienced franchisees. All franchisees will be backed by a medical team and be appointed with a nurse trained and
screened by the Head Office.

Further training will be provided for all nurses. Franchisees will follow a tailored and robust induction program for 6-8 weeks to ensure they are ready to run the business. Area managers will support the franchisees and an ops manual will be provided to all

Supported by a clinical trainer with clear processes for all staff members and this will support all franchisees. Master class sales training will be provided for all franchise partners.

Marketing Support
Franchise partners will have full marketing support available. This includes having access to marketing collateral such as brand guidelines, images and videos. Full marketing support and capabilities will be provided by the head office team. All assets will be excellently executed, backed by marketing experts and agencies. The marketing team will support franchise partners in every aspect of the business and franchisees will benefit from end-to-end marketing support.

Are you ready to grow a successful business backed by a dedicated franchisor that is rapidly expanding?

Trust your venture!

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