Green Clean

Own a business with Australia’s leading and fastest growing green-clean company

Green Clean is searching for franchise partners to successfully grow their franchise network across Australia.

Investment Cost

Guide $55,000 - $70,000

Marketing Support

Partners will receive ongoing support from the strong existing network of franchises and the head office, local marketing support and collateral, as well as digital marketing strategies and evolving management systems. We have created automated marketing programs that include text messaging and email so you can reach your customers quickly and easily.

Training Provided

The Green Clean team is incredibly focused when it comes to supplying informative and up-to-date information across all tools. Green Clean business coaches are here to support you with your marketing, operations, and service needs. You’ll have the best practices to help you grow your business.

We’ve designed it to ensure that you and your staff get accredited in the area and can provide the level of customer service and professionalism needed to support and reinforce our brand. You’ll also have our team of experienced managers ready and willing to provide advice and guidance.

Skills Required

We’re looking for a partnership with people who are willing and able to use the tools we provide to build a successful business.

What you need:

  • The drive to start a business and the commitment to see it through
  • The ability to connect with and communicate well with customers
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • The ability to manage the details, as well as keeping a healthy oversight
  • Strong management skills and the ability to motivate employees
  • A willingness to follow a proven operating system to succeed

Length of Agreement

5 + 5 years

About the Opportunity

Help make life better for you, your customers, and the environment from your home.

At Green Clean, we believe in giving back to make our world a better place. We’re proud to have created our own line of eco friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. We offer them for sale and 100% of profits are donated to charities and organisations that protect human health and the environment.

Benefits of owning a Green Clean franchise


Work-life Balance

Achieve a well-deserved work-life balance. There is plenty of work flexibility for Green Clean franchisees. There is an opportunity to work from home and being your own boss, you can manage your bookings and staff in a convenient fashion, enabling you to spend more time with the family!

Business Coach

Benefit from your own personal business coach who will be there to offer ongoing support ensuring that you stay on top of your business. Franchisees will feel confident in their business knowing they are guided throughout the business operation.

Training and Support

Receive an intensive week of one-on-one training where you will gain practical and theoretical experience in running your Green Clean franchise business. You will be guided step-by-step throughout the process. Green Clean have a number of resources to help franchisees including training manuals and videos.

Personal Development

Green Clean founder and CEO Michael Girowal wants to see franchisees succeed and is passionate about personal development. There will be frequent opportunities to develop your business and management skills.

Work from home!

Working from home combines the flexibility of running your own calendar and creating your own work-life balance with opportunities to build a regular income and operate a successful business in the comfort of your own home. Operating your own work from home franchise means that you can choose your hours and create a personalised work schedule to suit your lifestyle.

Brand Awareness

Work from home franchises provide strong branding including a professional website, marketing material, uniform or branded vehicles. In fact, company vehicles are fantastic for brand recognition! You will still have all of the marketing support to help you grow your franchise business.

Simple Business Model

Based on the existing successful Green Clean business, the business model is simple and easy to operate with minimal staff required. In addition, Green Clean is an established brand in Sydney with existing customers.

Low Start-up Cost

A low start-up cost of under $100K means it’s more affordable and easier to start up. By spending less at the beginning, franchisees will benefit from easier operations and scalability. Not to mention less debt!

Innovative Brand

Being part of a forward thinking brand, Green Clean is Australia’s first green cleaning company, not only benefiting the occupants occupying the space with safer chemical alternatives but making a positive impact on the environment through conscious actions.


Be part of a reliable business model structure, with Green Clean being in 17 years of operation.

Award Winning

Green Clean is a multi award winner in sustainability and has been featured in major newspapers and magazines.


Green Clean was founded in 2005, thanks to the foresight of our dedicated founder and CEO, Michael Girowal. For the last 17 years, the team have been helping Australia go green. Today, they have a team of over 200 highly skilled professionals, who are experts at creating and maintaining safe, healthy offices and homes in environmentally friendly ways. They champion natural and safe cleaning methods practices, so they can make their working and living environments healthy while they help protect the global environment.

They strive to increase awareness of the benefits of investing in green-cleaning solutions.By helping as many companies and homeowners as they can become environmentally responsible, they assist them in making changes from small ones tomajor ones that combine to help protect and improve the environment in Australia and the ecosystem of the entire earth.

They have developed a unique, systematised green-cleaning method that is comprehensive. Their holistic approach gives them the ability to make businesses or homes greener and cleaner than any other service. Their team members are always neatly dressed in official Green Clean uniforms and are super-dedicated to making your commercial environment or home sparkling clean and healthy.

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