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Low start-up cost
$29,950  keeping it affordable from the get-go!
Opting for a Keep It MOOVIN Business means more than just a purchase – it's an investment. Our established system ensures the creation of your website, Facebook page, and Google My Business listing. Additionally, we handle the branding of your vehicle, uniforms, and provide a 12-month supply of tangible marketing materials, including flyers and business cards, for a comprehensive business launch.

Not a franchise
More bucks in your pocket!
Dealing with some franchises can put owners in a tight spot juggling obligations and profits. Keep It MOOVIN keeps it simple with a weekly marketing fee of just $165. No need to show us your books, and we're not after a slice of your earnings. Your success is in your hands, mate!

Paid Advertising
Putting dollars into local ads, our rock-solid marketing strategies keep the customers rollin' in for our owner operators. With a decade of marketing under our belt, we're true-blue experts! From the get-go, we kick off a paid advertising strategy on Google & Facebook, targeting your local area. The enquiries go Straight to you!

All you need is a Truck!
We’ll sort the rest
Keep It MOOVIN has your back – we take care of all the marketing and advertising, saving you time and cash. Grab a suitable truck, and we'll get it decked out with our branding. Now, slide into the driver's seat, mate, and let's hit the road! Don't miss out – enquire now, your local area could be on the market!

An Exclusive Territory
That’s yours to own
When you buy a Keep It MOOVIN Business, we invest back into your area. Our proven system includes the setup It's the full package – website, Facebook page, and Google My Business listing. Ready to own the local scene? Let's make it happen!

Call Centre Sales Support
Enjoy 'round-the-clock support with our 24-hour call centre! Dial our 1800 number, and we'll field those calls for your business, sending customer details straight to you. We take care of uncovering all the details, passing this info on so you can provide your own quote for the job. No dictating prices here – how much you make is entirely up to you!

Retail partnership with us
Join forces, and let's create a thriving business together. We bring the expertise, support, and a proven track record – you bring your passion for business. Let's make it a winning partnership!