Prime Strategies Group

Prime Strategies Group


From Small Beginings

Prime Strategies Australia was established by Stuart Beasley in 2013. Stuarts goal was to help SMEs move forward with the right strategies for growth and to support busy owners and managers with effective tools, processes and above all – experience. 

Meantime at around the same timeframe Prime Strategies New Zealand was formed with the merging of two Business Management Consulting Companies: Cleghorn Consulting Ltd (John Cleghorn) and Planning For Success (Rob Drower).  

From small beginnings Prime Strategies New Zealand grew to become a nationwide operation providing a platform for some of the country’s more astute business advisors to share their knowledge and intellectual property to ensure clients receive the best possible service and advice.  

All through this period Australia and New Zealand kept in close contact as both parties refined their systems, process and intellectual property. By mid 2020 both side of the Tasman agreed it was time to join forces and look to expand Australia further resulting in our structure of today.


Our Promise

First & foremost, we know your business. We know from extensive experience what it is like to run a business in Australia. The pitfalls, the stresses, the paperwork, the staffing… It can all get on top of you very quickly. Or if you are starting a new business, you will discover very quickly just what you don’t know & can only learn on the job! And, if you are lucky enough to have a well-run business, we understand intimately how difficult it can be to move things on.

Our advisors have lived through it all to tell the tale. So when they ask you detailed questions, don’t be surprised how quickly they see the same picture you are seeing. The key is they know how to chart the way through.

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