Own a business with STACKED: The Art of Sandwich Making

STACKED is a popular restaurant known for its freshly made sandwiches using only the highest quality locally and ethically sourced ingredients. Due to their success in the industry, they are now expanding. The restaurant's unique menu and emphasis on local, fresh and ethical ingredients set them apart from other sandwich shops. STACKED offers potential franchisees the chance to own and operate their own Sandwich Artisan location. The expansion into franchising allows the Sandwich Artisan to bring their delicious sandwiches to even more customers across the country.

Investment Cost

Total investment cost: TBC

Marketing Support

In today's competitive marketplace, it's imperative to stay ahead of the game with cutting-edge marketing concepts. STACKED offers ongoing marketing support to franchisees. In addition to having a team of outstanding marketing professionals, the brand also has a strong social media presence. As a STACKED franchisee, you will have access to the entire STACKED marketing suite, which includes: Social Media Marketing, STACKED rewards app and loyalty program, Local Store Marketing support, and National Marketing Calendar to name a few.

Training Provided

STACKED offers a professional and comprehensive 6-week training program for new franchisee owners. The training program will be done both off-site and within the franchisee's own store. Training will cover all aspects of owning and operating a STACKED store as a franchisee. STACKED also offers ongoing training and infrastructure support in order to help franchisees achieve success.

Skills Required

We’re looking for a partnership with people who are willing and able to use the tools
we provide to build a successful business.

What you need:

  • Confident Speaker.
  • Age: No limit but must be someone enthusiastic and willing to strive forsuccess. Advantageous if they come from a hospitality background.
  • Willingness to be Owner-operator.
  • No qualifications are necessary.
  • Credible.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Share the same beliefs and values that are at the core of STACKED.
  • Male and female partners are both encouraged

Length of Agreement

5 + 5 years

About the Opportunity

STACKED, originated in Sydney Australia. The brand was founded by partners, and long-standing friends Steven Khawaga and Danny Assabgy. 

The vision was spurred by a notable lack of Corner sandwich shops, that served real food made from real and locally sourced ingredients. Very few had taken the concept on at mass, and even fewer had surrounded their concept around serving real, fresh and locally sourced products. 

Operating with a vision that centres itself around real food and ingredients, the brand decided to keep it real and focus on the food. By sourcing its ingredients locally, the brand found its major point of difference. 

Combining founders Danny and Steven's various backgrounds in hospitality, business and equity STACKED opened its door in December 2020, and unlike many businesses during the global pandemic, remained open.

The remainder of the brand's 6 stores were opened shortly after in 2021.

Since then, STACKED has combined its deep care for ethically sourcing food locally to successfully bring real food to its customers, with extensive knowledge of where its produce comes from.

The brand now looks to expand further throughout Australia 


Benefits of owning a STACKED franchise 


Simple Business

STACKED has an easy-to-run business model that is quick to set up and operate.

Experience and/or qualifications aren’t needed, as a brand attitude is valued over qualifications.

Innovative Technology

The team at STACKED understands the importance of technology in today's fast-paced business environment and has made it a priority to equip every STACKED store with the latest POS technology. This technology not only streamlines the ordering process for customers but also allows for seamless communication and management within the store. The integration of the technology is designed for ease of use for both employees and customers, making the overall experience at STACKED more efficient and enjoyable. This emphasis on technology sets STACKED apart from other sandwich shops and is one of the reasons why they are expanding into franchising. 

Strong Supply Network

Through the development of the brand, STACKED has been able to build relationships with local farmers, bakers and purveyors all of whom are equally as committed to producing quality ingredients. STACKED encompasses a 100% commitment to serving real food, made from real ingredients that are made fresh to order every day.

Low Competition

There is little competition in the Artisan Sandwich franchise market in Australia, making STACKED an attractive franchise to buy! STACKED has definitely found its niche, providing fresh and innovative takes on the artisan sandwich and salad bowls. With 7 successful restaurants already operating, the business continues to prove it can stand the test of time and expand rapidly.

Low Competition

A growing number of Australians are seeking out companies that use fresh ingredients, local produce, as well as practices that are healthier for the environment. STACKED uses 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging as part of its commitment to protecting the environment.



STACKED is a sandwich shop brand founded in Sydney, Australia by partners Steven Khawaga and Danny Assabgy. The brand was created due to a lack of sandwich shops that used real and locally sourced ingredients. STACKED's focus is on providing real food made from locally sourced ingredients, which sets them apart from other sandwich shops. With the founders' backgrounds in hospitality, business, and equity,
STACKED opened its first store in December 2020 and remained open despite the global pandemic. The brand has since opened 6 more stores in 2021 and plans to expand further throughout Australia.

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