The Local Guys


Who Are The Local Guys?

The Local Guys is a family-built franchise business specialising in Test & Tag, Pest Control and Cleaning. Headquartered in Adelaide and backed by Franchise Partners across Australia, we open opportunities for individuals to increase their work-life balance and the flexibility of their schedules by owning their own business. With no experience necessary, we’ve built a franchise model that sets you up for success from the beginning.

Why We Started The Local Guys Group

Jarrad and Stacey Goulding started The Local Guys brand from a passion for delivering the ultimate level of customer service and workmanship across multiple industries. With Jarrad as an experienced technician with a passion for test and tagging, and Stacey as a qualified accountant, The Local Guys was born from desire to have a healthy work-life balance and the flexibility to start a family of their own. It wasn’t long before businesses across Australia were brought into The Local Guys Group and the family-owned business started it’s expansion across Australia. In that time, not only did The Local Guys family grow with the endless opportunities and balance it presented, but so did Stacey and Jarrad’s with the arrival of their son in 2020.


Why We Started Franchising


Having owned and worked for franchises across multiple hospitality and retail sectors, Jarrad and Stacey quickly became aware of the positive and negative aspects of franchising and used this knowledge to shape The Local Guys brand. Knowing what it takes to make a franchise successful, Jarrad and Stacey wanted to bring the best of their experiences to their Franchise Partners.

Our Values

The Local Guys Group was built with the drive and dedication to see our Franchise Partners succeed. Our core values are centered around Family, Innovation, Integrity, Devotion and Passion.